DUAL PLUG MEMORY SUITABLE FOR MOBILES AND PCS Micro-USB connector on one side and USB2.0 connector on the other.Allows...

Starts From: $18.00

SINGLE CHANNEL COMPOSITE / COMPONENT / S-VIDEO TO DVB-T The RL-DM1102M is a single input DVB-T Modulator that allows...

Order Code : RL-DM1102M

Mono Volume control With or without OFF switch Turn Volume to minimum, then off.

Starts From: $1.12

Twist to lock stran relief for weather-proof cable entry. Order One to receive a bag of Two.

Starts From: $1.95

8 gauge Phillips drive button head self drilling screwsPacked in bags of 100

Order Code : FRBHS832

7 gauge Phillips drive bugle head drywall screwsPacked in bags of 100

Order Code : FRBH745

SPEAKER BOX TERMINALS 4mm OR BARE WIRE The high-quality plating process eliminates the possibility of corrosion to...

Starts From: $12.95

DAYTON TACTILE MINI BASS SHAKER DAYTON AUDIO 8Ω PUCK™ This mini bass shaker has the unique ability to transfer low...

Order Code : TT25-8

IDEAL FOR LOUDSPEAKER PROJECTS The high quality Dayton DMPC polypropylene capacitor is ideal for use in loudspeaker...

Starts From: $1.50

9 PIECE BAG Includes:1x 1.0mmØ (black)1x 2.0mmØ (black)1x 2.5mmØ (black)1x 3.0mmØ (black)1x 4.5mmØ (black)1x 6.5mmØ...

Starts From: $6.95

163 PIECE KIT 95MM Colour coded heat shrink tubes from 1mm to 16mm diameter. 95mm of length in white, black, green,...

Order Code : HSK163

47 PIECE KIT 95MM IN BLACK Black polyethylene heat shrink tubes from 3.2mm to 19mm. It has a polymer layer on the...

Order Code : HSK47BK

47 PIECE KIT 95MM IN BLACK & RED Black and Red polyethylene heat shrink tubes from 3.2mm to 19mm. It has a polymer...

Order Code : HSK47RB


Starts From: $121.55

Panasonic OR Sanyo This 3V Lithium battery is designed for photographers. High capacity

Order Code : CRV3
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