240Vac 50Vdc max. 150% Slow. 200% Fast

Starts From: $7.65

Thermal. Resettable. AC/DC 240Vac max. 50Vdc max. 150% Slow. 200% Fast.

Starts From: $4.95

Chassis mount Suit 32x6.35mm MGC/TDL types. Clip off face.

Order Code : FH12

32x6.35mm MGC/TDL Cap opens with a screwdriver Chassis mount. Bakelite. 10A.

Order Code : FH21

20x5mm CEB/TBX Screws open with a coin or screwdriver. Chassis mount. Extrudes only 2mm Hi-Temp plastic. 20x5mm CEB/TBX

Order Code : FH31

Chassis mount. Bakelite.

Starts From: $1.65
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