IEC-C7 AC mains lead, AKA "Figure 8 Plug".Right angle plug and socket suitable for use in tight space, e.g. flat screen...

Starts From: $5.95

Right angled IEC-C5 AC mains lead, AKA "Clover Leaf”.

Order Code : ACL112-2RA

ORANGE / CLEAR Medical grade. Clear for easy integrity inspection. Premium long-term reliability lead with copper C7

Starts From: $4.95

2.9M CORD 250VAC 2A 2 pin plug with 2x 0.75mm² cable. 2.9M total length. It has a inline switch 1.8M from the plug,...

Starts From: $12.40

PRE-MADE 240VAC 3 CORE 1.5mm CABLE The premium PowerCon mains input lead is suitable for use with a variety of active...

Starts From: $41.69
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