Right angled IEC-C5 AC mains lead, AKA "Clover Leaf”.Rating: 240Vac 10 Amp

Order Code : ACL112-2RA

Allows wall cavity access with dust resistant snap-in grommet.Designed to protect wires and cables, as keeping the...

Order Code : WP65

STRAIGHT PLUG MALE IP66 ingress resistant.Dimensions: 144x72mmØ.

Order Code : TP320

ALLOWS PLUG TO CHANGE FROM RIGHT TO LEFT Designed to guard against accidental disconnection of computers, PDU’s...

Order Code : ACS131

IEC C14 to right angle IEC C13 extension power cord. Suitable for power connection of computer, monitor or UPS, etc.

Starts From: $5.95

HIDES POWER BOARDS Cable Tidy Units have been developed in two sizes to hide a 6 way or a 4 way power board, and...

Starts From: $29.95
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