WELLER 5 cleaning sponges per packSize: 70x55x15mmSuitable for Weller WMPH/WPH81 iron holders.

Order Code : T0052241999

Cleans your soldering iron tips with the brass sponge to keep it dry and prevent oxidation that forms on the tip.

Order Code : RW1509

The soldering stand will hold your soldering iron perfectly. And the brass sponge will clean your soldering iron tips...

Order Code : HT1509

Soldering iron stand with holderWith solder feeder that can hold up to 900g roll of soldering wireA special sponge for...

Starts From: $12.00

HOLDS UP TO 200mm BOARD FOR SOLDERING JOBS This handy tool allows you to hold various sizes of PC boards when...

Order Code : ZD-11E

The flux pen features a fibre brush tip for accurate and reliable application of flux fluid for soldering application....

Starts From: $8.95

METERED AMOUNT - ESD SAFE Designed to be used with evaporative or dangerous fluids. Simply push down & a measured...

Starts From: $9.95

HAKKO FAN & FILTER UNIT Removes 99.97% of hazardous fumes. Low noise level, lightweight.Portable with optional...

Starts From: $1495.00

High strength, general purpose use tip tinner helps prevent flux build up and oxidisation on soldering iron tips. The...

Order Code : CTTC2

PROFESSIONAL GRADE FUME EXTRACTOR Safe work environment. Remove toxic fumes, etc. Suitable for commercial use....

Starts From: $199.00

Silver Conductive Paint Bottle Dries to leave a conductive path. Suit PCB repair & connections to non-solderable...

Order Code : SCP003

SOLDERING FLUX Resin paste flux Multi-core 450-01 Rework SMD with this easy apply 10cc syringe. Contains resin. High...

Order Code : FLX450

Tin Paste in a metal tin Excellent solution for SMD Rework to General Heavy-Duty soldering work. Thick N pasty.

Order Code : ZD170

AIM NO-CLEAN SN63 293+ Excellent wetting alloy paste Suits airflow solder rework Easy applicator 30g syringe Mildly...

Order Code : 293SN63

LOW TEMPERATURE SOLDER Kit includes enough solder for about 8 to 10 removals. Patented formula solder for Low...

Order Code : SMD1
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