Female 3.5mm Socket to Male 3.5mm Stereo Plug and Male 3.5mm Microphone Plug Adaptor

Order Code : AD921

A 3.5mm stereo male to 3.5mm female headphone & mic splitter. Suitable for music players, CD players PC and smart...

Starts From: $9.50

2.5mm Male Stereo plug to 3.5mm Stereo Socket. 2.5mm Plug To 3.5mm Socket Short adaptor Cable for plugging headphones...

Order Code : AD111

AL721 has 1x Right Angle plug.ADM125W is white (All others are black)ADM series has deluxe packaging.

Starts From: $3.60

MINI HDMI HDMI-A Plug is the Standard sized HDMI HDMI-C Plug is new Mini plug as used in some portable units.HDMI-A...

Starts From: $9.95

Female Stereo x 2 To 6.35mm Male Stereo 6.35mm stereo plug to 2x3.5mm stereo skts'

Order Code : AD2210

6.35mm Stereo Plug to two 6.35mm Stereo Sockets 6.35mm stereo plug to 2x6.35mm stereo skt'

Order Code : AD2220

Male Stereo 3.5mm Female x 2 DOUBLE JACK 3.5mm TO 2x 3.5mm

Order Code : AD1210

Male Stereo RCA Female x 2 CONVERTER 3.5mm TO 2x RCA

Order Code : AD1230

Male Mono 3.5mm Female Stereo 3.5mm mono plug to 3.5mm stereo socket

Order Code : AD113

Female Stereo 3.5mm to 6.35mm Male Stereo 6.35mm stereo plug to 3.5mm stereo socket

Order Code : AD212


Starts From: $2.95
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