ADJUSTABLE LIP MOUNT Adjustable Lip Mounted M Base(SO-239) Lead including moulded UHF PlugMade with stainless steel and...

Order Code : CBB7

Ubiquiti 4.9-5.9GHz AirMax Base Station 16dBi, 120 deg w/rocket kit - Antennas Ubiquiti airMAX 5GHz 16dBi 120 degrees...

Order Code : AM-5G16-120

5dB Mag Base Antenna 700-960/1710-2170MHz Designed to operate at 700-960/1710-2170MHz frequency, this antenna features...

Order Code : ANT482

4db Mag base antenna NEXT G

Order Code : ANT363

LL195 3.0M Low-Loss Cable Flexible Height 345mm

Starts From: $28.50

LARGE BASE HIGH GAIN Closed Coil type 5dB/7dB Gain Black anodized low wind noise. High wind speed magnetic base for a...

Starts From: $28.50

SUPER-LIGHT OPEN-COIL TYPE SMALL BASE Open-Spring type tuning coil. Black anodized low wind noise. High wind speed...

Starts From: $25.85

GROUNDED SO239 5/16" Antenna to SO239 Socket. Wide bandwidth Suit UHF, etc. Premium grade long-life Delrin weather...

Order Code : CBB6

Solder type for affixing PL259 antennas. Wide band UHF Stainless steel.

Order Code : CBB5

4db Mag base antenna NextG 850 Compact 30mm base. Duco’ protector. 300mm height. 3M x HDF100 cable to FME Female plug.

Order Code : ANT363

LL195 4.0M Low-Loss Cable Flexible Height 345mm

Starts From: $28.50

REVERSE-SMA & BASE High Gain antenna Terminates to SMA-RPor 60mm desktop base Maximum 50 Watt VSWR 1.5:1 Antenna...

Starts From: $20.25

MOBILE ANTENNA PATCH Padded Phone holder adjustable fingers. Inbuilt coupler with FME Male fly lead out for external...

Starts From: $32.50

850MHz OR 900MHz Open spring type tuning coil. Black anodized low wind noise. High wind speed magnetic base. Rubber...

Starts From: $25.85

OPTIONS: 700MHz 850MHz 900MHz 1800MHz 2100MHz 2400MHz Closed coil type, black anodized, low wind noise & high wind...

Starts From: $28.50

NextG850 & 3G-2100 [825-890MHz & 2100MHz] Extra high gain fibreglass NextG/3G antenna with 20mm aluminium tube mounting...

Starts From: $192.00

5dB Mag Base Antenna LARGE BASE HIGH GAIN CLOSED COIL TYPE Closed Coil type 5dB Gain Black anodized low wind noise....

Order Code : ANT483

Product is unavailable and replaced with code:

ANT482 View Substitute Product

The ANT712 is a multi-band antenna intended for use in the 4G bands 690-960MHz and 1710-2700 MHz. The ANT712 maintains...

Order Code : ANT712


Order Code : 003R-00229


Order Code : 003R-00230


Order Code : ARV2ANT

3dBi/6dBi UHF Antenna with Elevated Feed and Spring Base

Order Code : CBA36F1L
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