TRUE RMS This pen size digital multimeter detector can be use to measure AC and DC voltage (Up to maximum voltage of...

Order Code : MS-DTP1A

This AC/DC digital clamp meter complies with international safety standard IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 600V. It is suitable for...

Order Code : KEW2046R

This powerful Kyoritsu digital multimeter KEW1021R allows you to measure voltage, AC or DC current, resistance,...

Order Code : KEW1021R

This multifunctional analogue multimeter is an accurate and safe handheld meter that comes in a robust protective...

Order Code : MT-2017

This simple to use battery test allows you to check the battery life of all 1.5V and 9V batteries.Easy to read,...

Order Code : BT-168

This compact and powerful entry level digital multimeter allows you to measure AC and DC voltage (600V), DC current at...

Order Code : UT33B+

The VSTEST110 allow you to test any IP or analogue camera installations via touch screen, as well as cables, with...

Order Code : VSTEST110

Test and configure IP, HDCVI and analogue surveillance cameras in real-time during surveillance installations.

Order Code : VSTEST101

Small 25mm alligator 5mm jaw open.Fits 2mm probe tips. 20cm lead.

Order Code : LN-N19

Connects to 2mm multimeter probe tipsAdapts to 150mm lead to mini test clips

Order Code : LN-N13

Fine steel probes extend 75mm.CAT-III. Fits onto 2mm Probe tip.

Order Code : LN-N07

Probe addaptors for very fine precise work. Gold plated 0.75mm spring release tip points.

Order Code : LN-N02

Medium 30mm Alligator 10mm open.Double insulated to reduce shortsFits any standard 2mm probe tips.

Order Code : LN-A40

VIEW TECHNICAL READOUTS & LIVE PREVIEW - SATKING The SK-9000 is a High Definition combination meter for both...

Order Code : SK-9000

VIEW TECHNICAL READOUTS & LIVE PREVIEW The SK-2500A is high definition terrestrial TV meter specially designed for TV...

Order Code : SK2500A

ALSO MEASURES TEMPERATURE WITH OPTIONAL TEMPERATURE PROBE This palm size digital multimeter detector can be use to...

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