1g520MHz 120mmØO/D 15mmØI/D Super strong non-scratch UHF base Suction cup & magnet for...

Order Code : MB3

This new heavy duty style is now suitable for many types of communication bases (Not Inc.). SSB, CB, LEOS, UHF, VHF,...

Order Code : GM12

Chromium plated Metal for a tough long-life. Stainless steel Hardware. Grub screws hold gutter. Tilt/Locks adjustment....

Order Code : CBA36

STAINLESS STEEL Benelec Stainless Steel Metal Tough Long-life Stainless steel Hardware. Grub screws hold gutter...

Order Code : GM5

“S” SHAPED BRACKET Benelec Black Metal ½" Designed for gripping the trunk lip of a boot. Grub screws hold Rubber...

Order Code : TLM5

Suit ~30mm Diam.

Starts From: $6.75

Suit mounting on 55mm (2”) poles “U” bolts have non-slip teeth. Suit most ½” mount bases.

Starts From: $16.10

BENELEC New heavy-duty strap type 316 Stainless steel made. Suit most antenna bases 16mmØ antenna base hole. Vertical &...

Starts From: $14.95

Starts From: $3.25

O-I Evolutionary fashion house partnered with OMB for an a new style support Premium grade professional installation....

Order Code : OMB06131


Starts From: $5.45


Starts From: $32.50

O-2 Elegance in a curved aluminium arm with cable cavity and articulated joints.

Order Code : OMB06133

EASY-TWO EXTRA Step up to the next level in beautiful European interior design style

Starts From: $55.00
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