Custom fits Commodore Above-right Vent area Does not interfere with drink holdersReach 75mmPhone 44x54mm

Order Code : PB67

L Shaped bracket for mobile phone bracket mounting.

Order Code : MPB1410

Order Code : MPB1410

Order Code : MPB1409


Order Code : MPB1403

Order Code : MPB1401

Asymmetrical bracket with tapered arm and multiple angle mounting holes.

Order Code : MPB1404

General purpose mounting bracket with multiple holes to suit universal applications.May fit down the side of a DIN car...

Order Code : MPB1405

Double bend L Custom suits Holden VectraBase 34x44mmReach 18mmPhone 55x50mm

Order Code : MPB1888

Customised bracket Suits Pajero using existing bolts and fixtures.Phone 40x45mm

Order Code : PB87

Customised bracket Suits Magna using existing bolts and fixtures.Base 40x17mmReach 40mmPhone 40x45mm

Starts From: $6.95

R/A Pocket mount Suit Toyota Camry, etc. Base 32x50mmPhone 42x50mm

Order Code : PB74

45 Base Plate Forward fascia Suit Statesman Kingswood, etc. Stand-Off 25mmBase 18x50mmPhone 50x50mm

Order Code : MPB1450

Custom suits Toyota HiluxBase 67x25mmReach 42mmPhone 50x55mm

Starts From: $7.45

L Shaped bracket Suits Lexus, etc.Base 240x50mmPhone 42x50mm

Order Code : MPB1892
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