ONLY 3.5MM IN DIAMETER Ultra thin cables ideal for high density patch panel use. Cuts down on the bulk whilst...

Starts From: $1.80

ECONOMICAL PATCH CABLE RJ45 Plugs gold platedBlue Jacket CCA Spec.

Order Code : DDC151BU

PREMIUM CAT6A FULL COPPER CONDUCTORS 10GBps/100M max. Consists of four unshielded twisted pairs (4x2) encased in an...

Order Code : CNC6500PU

CAT6 Joiner Box 8 connector to 8 connector box, unshielded. Quick punch-down tool installation. Includes screw-down...

Order Code : LY-SB33

10GBase-T SCREENED FULLY SHIELDED TWISTED PAIR CAT6A ( CAT6 Augmented ) cable is an ideal solution for 10G network. It...

Starts From: $4.84

CCA SPECIFICATION Gold plated plug contacts.Twisted pair. Blue jacket.Excellent pricing ! !

Starts From: $1.50

GEL FILLED SOLID CORE Bare copper solid core 23AWG individual HDPE insulated set in a gel filled heavy duty UV...

Starts From: $209.00

Reel on a base for easy pull of cable to reduce twist and tangles. Supplied in a 1000 ft (305M) box. Full copper...

Starts From: $149.00

RJ45 PLUG TO RJ45 SOCKETS X2 Different pin configurations for different applications.

Starts From: $8.14

INDIVIDUALLY FLUKE DTX-1800 TESTED WITH PRINT OUT Category 6 specification Gigabit Ethernet Network provides extended...

Starts From: $5.50

Data + Data PORT DOUBLER DONGLE PORT DOUBLER ADAPTOR Combines two ethernet channels into one cable then splits back...

Order Code : CA102

Data + Data 2 SERVICES on ONE CABLE Combines two ethernet channels into one cable then divides back into two at the...

Order Code : CA102

Solid core copper. Pull-Box 26AWG ISO/IEC 11801 and TIA/EIA 568 VerifiedDouble shielded Aluminium Mylar Foil + Braided...

Starts From: $115.00

Pull-Box Reverse-Metre-Marked 26AWG ISO/IEC 11801 and TIA/EIA 568 Verified

Starts From: $89.50

Category-6 8x Single-Strand Full Copper Conductors 10GBps/250M max. Twisted pairs (4x2) Copper w/ Colour coded...

Starts From: $69.95

Pull-Box Reverse-Metre-Marked 24AWG ISO/IEC 11801 and TIA/EIA 568 Verified

Starts From: $89.00
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