BACTERICIDAL WIPES Anti-bacterial wipes for disinfecting most hard surfaces. Kills 99.9% of bacteria found on...

Order Code : AISW100

NO-TEAR TISSUE BOX Delicate Task Wiper is a light duty wiper that can handle a variety of delicate tasks. Easily wipes...

Order Code : KIMW4120

CARD SWIPE CLEANER Swipe Machine Cleaners Sachet-packed plain cards impregnated with Isopropanol. Made to ISO...

Order Code : CCP020

CLOTH & SPRAY New Anti-Static Screen Cleaning Innovative and highly effective screen cleaning gel for use on any type...

Order Code : ASCG000

INTERNAL DUST BRUSH Get at the lenses without opening the unit. Quick. Narration instructions.

Order Code : HN3103

WIPE-ON / WIPE-OFF TFT LCD panels & TouchPads Large TV, Desktop & Laptops Wet/Dry pair clean action Individual...

Order Code : LTC010

PLASTICS & GLASS CLEANER Biodegradable solution Office equipment wipes professional grade in a handy sispencer bottle.

Order Code : PCC100

Felt cleaning disks with cleaning fluid.[Sent by road transport]

Starts From: $3.70

Powerful non-foaming general purpose cleaner that also prevents static build-up, long term effect Non-Flammable....

Starts From: $12.95

BLOW THAT DUST AWAY! Inert gas in a can

Starts From: $21.10

Non-Scratch Micro fibre cloth for flat screens will remove dust, dirt, greasy finger prints, etc. easily and quickly....

Starts From: $29.75

LINT-FREE CLEANING Non-woven super absorbent anti-static cleaning cloths 50 pieces in a resealable bag 330x330mm soft...

Order Code : SCH050

LCD & PLASMA SCREEN CLEANER Pump action cleaner spray for clear glass & plastic surfaces like TV Screens, Photo...

Order Code : SCS250

Pre-Moistened Commercial grade Ethyl Alcohol Disinfectant Pull dispenser 20cm Can with 70x 15cm wipes Kimberly-Clark

Order Code : KIM4100

Dustgo is for cleaning sensitive surface areas. The formula of each cloth is adapted to suit the application precisely...

Starts From: $7.50

TOUGH & DURABLE WIPE Made from recycled PET bottles 66% & Very fine knitted polyester 34% Non-scratching dust-free...

Order Code : ECQ2310

WITH BRUSH & CLOTH 100ml Squeegee bottle Specially formulated water based cleaning liquid mist spray for Screens,...

Order Code : HN-4129
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