Fan and heat sink combo with a 1 point mount. 12V. 3Pin.Fan dimension: 60x60x25mmHeat sink: 80x64x40mm

Order Code : FAN166

REPLACEABLE 60MM FAN CPU fan and copper core heatsink to suit socket 478 CPU. It has a 3 Pin power connector.Size:...

Order Code : FAN160

Excellent Economical Compact version 92mmØ Overall 110x110x68mm 40CFM 26dBa 12Vdc Hydro-bearing quiet

Order Code : FAN194

AMD XP & Sempron Aluminium heatsink 69x80x43mm plus low noise 28dB 20cfm 70x70x15mm Ball Fan Safe 3 Point clip

Order Code : FAN170

63x60x60mm Fan & Heat sink Ball raced quiet 20CFM 28dBA 1.6W 3-pin

Order Code : FAN125

125x60x55mm 50x25mm fan Gold colour 12V 2.16W 26dBA 20CFM Low noise

Order Code : FAN145

INTEL FC-PGA Certain Celerons, Pentium-III Flip-Chip Coppermine up to 900MHz 3-Pin 7-12V 25mm x 70mmØ Gold colour...

Order Code : FAN120

Willamette Socket 423 90x60x60mm Gold colour Low noise heatsink design.

Order Code : FAN100

Pentium, Pro, K6-1/2/3 Direct Power Connection. Fan 50x50x10mm 10CFM 30dBA 12V 1.5WSink 51x53x30mm

Order Code : FANH7B2

Removable bracket to suit Pentium-I, Pro, K6-1/2/3. Fan 50x50x10mm 10CFM 30dBA 12V 1.5W with 3 pin Mainboard leadHeat...

Order Code : FANH7B3
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