20"TV 102μH(0.102mH) Horizontal-linearity coil Popular TV part used in many models including Akai, NEC, Tempest,...

Order Code : L102

Premature Failure Of Chip In Power Supply! Changing values of the surrounding components for more reliable service....

Starts From: $15.25

4822 310 20489 Power supply parts OEM, 27x OEM Parts including Surface mount components. KIT SBC7020

Order Code : KIT489

Fault in Switch Mode Power Supply. When replacing one, the other will blow! Kit CTV0034A-101297 Chassis P1B Pre 8/96

Order Code : SMR40200-KIT

Start-up PTC resistor Used in TV switchmode Samsung, LG, etc. P2462-J29, P190, 1404-000182, etc.

Order Code : PTC182

PTC Thermistor Nichicon Posi-R ZPB53-BL200C

Order Code : PTC20
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