3-WAY 12dB 4Ω/8Ω 300Wrms

  • The 3-way, 2nd-order (12 dB/octave) crossover from Dayton Audio was designed with a 3 octave spread between crossover points. Metallised polyester film capacitors are used in the critical midrange and tweeter signal paths. 18 gauge tweeter and midrange inductors, and 20 gauge woofer inductors are used to keep DC resistance to a minimum. A unique design feature of the low-pass section allows for the use of 4 or 8 ohm subwoofers, perfect for building a multi woofer system. The midrange and high-pass sections are rated for an 8 ohm load. All components are glued or fastened down to eliminate buzzing and vibrations. The high quality blue PC board uses a back plate for added rigidity and eyelet holes for easy mounting. 300W power handling. Size: 244x110x40mm. Terminals are 5.2mm.


  • 244x110x40mm Sold as singles. Two required for stereo. Read / Show More

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    XO3W-500/4K - 3 WAY CROSSOVER 500/4KHZ


    Order Code: XO3W-500/4K
    Availability : In Stock
    Order Code XO3W-500/4K
    Slope 12dB
    X2 4000Hz
    X1 500Hz

    XO3W-625/5K - 3 WAY CROSSOVER 625/5KHZ


    Order Code: XO3W-625/5K
    Availability : In Stock
    Order Code XO3W-625/5K
    Slope 12dB
    X2 5000Hz
    X1 625Hz

    XO3W-700/5.6K - 3 WAY CROSSOVER 700/5.6K


    Order Code: XO3W-700/5.6K
    Availability : In Stock
    Order Code XO3W-700/5.6K
    Slope 12dB
    X2 5600Hz
    X1 700Hz

    XO3W-375/3K - 3 WAY CROSSOVER 375/3KHZ


    Order Code: XO3W-375/3K
    Availability : In Stock
    Order Code XO3W-375/3K
    Slope 12dB
    X2 3000Hz
    X1 375Hz

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