Digital TV Set Top Box Guide

Australia has recently gone through an historic switch over from Analogue to digital-only free-to-air TV transmissions. This has affected the lives of nearly every Australian, as there old analogue TV will not be able to receive the latest Digital content, this has been one of biggest change in Australian broadcasting since the introduction of colour TV 40 years ago.

With the introduction of Freeview and Freeview+ Plus Australians now have access to high quality Digital Broadcast with new exciting channels.

Wagner Electronics has a number of solutions to help you receive the latest Digital Content from DTV Set Top Boxes, Outdoor Antennas / Indoor Antennas and everything in between!

Wagner Electronics stocks extensive range of Digital TV Receivers that include models with built HDD recording and USB Digital TV PVR recorders.

Everything you need for new or upgrade home installation of Digital TV Antennas including high grade low-loss coaxial cable, Interconnect leads such as HDMI Cables, RCA Cables, Component Cables.

Antenna Installation solutions such as Masthead Amplifiers, Masthead Distribution Amplifier, Amplified and passive Antenna Splitter, Terminate cables neatly on the wall with our extensive range of Wall Plates and flexible Clipsal compatible inserts.


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