10 PIECE PACK The Elsafe Cable Cleat® is a cost effective cable management solution, it can be easily installed to the...

Starts From: $19.36

The Elsafe CEILING BOX is designed to fit neatly into a standard suspended ceiling grid, it provides an excellent...

Starts From: $641.03

Aluminium polar spine cable conduit for protecting power and data cable

Starts From: $138.99

Cable management accessories for Superflex and Messenger series cable management cord installation to fix the cord to...

Starts From: $2.86

The floor grommets fix the Messenger series cable management cord to the floor or floorbox.

Starts From: $74.31

Messenger pin to pin cable management cord

Starts From: $65.62

Messenger pin to loop cable management cord

Starts From: $91.30

Superflex Maxi pin to loop cable management cord

Starts From: $86.46

0.8M metallic colour cable management cord, design for underdesk installation The Spine cable management umbilical is...

Order Code : 126509

PATHWAY cable basket bracket The PATHWAY brackets are used for mounting the PATHWAY cable tray, it has a number of...

Order Code : 136010

PATHWAY is a unique new modular cable management solution, the cable tray is available in 600mm and 900mm sections with...

Starts From: $9.24

The Basket Panels are designed to accommodate the Elsafe QIKFIT power units and data solutions all within one tidy...

Starts From: $24.53

The Elsafe RUNNER cable tray series is designed to manage all of the cables, power and data into one tidy and discrete...

Starts From: $22.44

PATHFINDER cable installation tool (Zipper) ELSAFE CABLE ZIPPER Run cables quickly and efficiently with this handy...

Order Code : 135035

Elsafe’s umbilical PATHFINDER simple lower base solution.Place on the floor. Also fits under standard desk holes.25mm...

Starts From: $7.32

Industry standard size grommet allows it to be retrofit into existing raised floor apertures or floor boxes

Starts From: $38.61
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