The KFTERM01 is a 75 ohm terminator that is DC blocked.

Order Code : KFTERM01

F-Type power injector up to 60Vdc 2A max. Operates at the frequency 5-2400MHz. For use with Satellite Multi Stacker...

Order Code : PIK2400

2.5mm DC Socket to multiple plug for power distribution. 30cm each branch.

Starts From: $4.24

WITH LINE PAL OR “F” INJECTORS Switch-mode power supplies to be used with Kingray Masthead Amps.

Starts From: $19.95

2.1mm FEMALE TO 2.5mm MALE

Order Code : DCL2521

EMPTY MASTHEAD BOX 100% Waterproof housing usually supplied with “F” Type Masthead amplifiers. Now available on its...

Order Code : MHB001

AC/DC 30V 1.5A Max Injector Only. Styles (a) or (b)

Starts From: $24.95

Power supplies to be used with Kingray Masthead Amplifiers.

Starts From: $26.95

30cm LEAD 2.5mm DC Plug to plug. 30cm.

Starts From: $2.80
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