MADE IN TAIWAN Krone® type punch-down wire insertion tool with wire stripper handle. Premium quality. Made in Taiwan.

Order Code : HT318

CAN CUT DOWN THE LENGTH OF THE CABLE Swivel blade is suitable for stripping circular cables around the cable jacket or...

Order Code : CT82123

CUTTING & STRIPPING Suitable for coaxial cable RG59, RG6, RG7 and RG11, round networking cable, and flat telephone...

Order Code : CT82080

CUTTING & STRIPPING For stripping round cable, stranded wire, multi-conductor cable and irregular out shape cable from...

Order Code : CT82071

FOR 110/88 TYPE TERMINAL BLOCK Heavy-duty impact tool with adjustable spring loaded tension for seating wire into...

Order Code : HT-314B

SPRING LOADED - PUSH DOWN - IMPACT Spring-loaded punch down tool for seating wire terminal blocks. Simply push down...

Starts From: $45.00

Krone® type punch-down wire insertion tool with wire stripper handle.

Order Code : HT-IDC4

Hand tool for inserting or extracting Keystone modules into patch panels, etc.

Order Code : HT-IDC3

“CSM” Jacks use the IDC cable connection system to maximize installer manufacturing speed. Simply push the cable into...

Order Code : TSB50

Crimps and clips in one action. Compatible with standard “Krone” type. Quality constructed.

Order Code : HT-IDC2

Disposable type tool for IDC cable insertion.

Order Code : HT-IDC1

For those delicate ICs with pins on all sides, any size. This extractor first hooks under the diagonal corners then...

Order Code : CY850

150mm flexible steel shaft for those hard to get to places! HEX socket for philips head bits

Order Code : HT193FB

Patented device for stripping the covers off todays modern cable styles, eg. STP/UPT 4P/6P/8P Speaker, Coax, etc.

Order Code : HTS501A

Consists of three insertion tools and one extraction tool for static free handling of sensitive IC’s.

Order Code : ICT4
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