NEW USB-C - FASTEST MEMORY AVAILABLE 256Gb Thunderdisk USB3.1 mSATA SSD w/USB Type-A Male plugThis a super-fast...

Order Code : USB3257

HDD INTERCONNECT Short 4cm cable for 2.5" Laptop Hard Disk

Order Code : IDC250

SATA TO SATA Internal connection leadsFull speed 3Gbps.

Starts From: $1.46

RIGHT ANGLE SATA One end is R/A Length is 50cm

Starts From: $3.19

50cm RIBBON TYPE 3x Connectors 80 Wire Ribbon 40 Pin IDE plugs

Order Code : CL568

ATA133 Master/Slave Bus 2x2 CH for total 4 items Auto BIOS setup Full 133M/Bs bus rate. Ultra ATA-33/66/100/133...

Order Code : CL568

EXTERNAL-SATA eSATA Plugs both ends Shielded 3.0 Gbps

Starts From: $5.00

ADAPTOR CABLE Male SATA "L" Plug to Male eSATA Plug 3Gbps bandwidth

Order Code : CL972

USB-A 3.0 To Micro-USB 3.0 Lead 2.0M Prolink White Prolink Cable For Connecting USB 3.0 Android Phones And High Speed...

Order Code : MP358

Type C USB Cable Male to Male-1 Meter UP TO SUPER FAST 10GBPS TRANSFER RATE USB 3.1 cable with new Type C...

Order Code : CL1140BK-1

45CM RIBBON TO IDE 3x Connectors IDE 40 Pin Plugs

Starts From: $2.15

2.5” TO 3.5” IDE + POWER 2½” HDD (NoteBook) To a standard IDE40 with power socket. Allows you to put a Laptops disk...

Order Code : CA169

SHUNT CONNECTORS As used on Mainboards, HDD Master/Slave select and many other apps. Shorts out the pins Tenth of an...

Order Code : ICP100

WITH SATA DATA THROUGH Molex Power 4 Pin Plug TOSATA 15 Pin Cable Side.With attached SATA Data cable.Connects SATA...

Order Code : CA310

PATA-IDE MAINBOARD Adapts an older PC Main-Board with IDE To the new Serial ATA Compact direct plug. Or inline adaptor....

Order Code : SATA134

PCI BRACKET EXTERNAL-SATA Rear panel exit point for eSATA Internal connectors are SATA

Starts From: $5.33
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