The HDMI Cable is the preferred multimedia connection for today’s home theatre systems, gaming consoles, and computers worldwide. Though digital technology is developing at an ever-increasing speed, you can still be confident that if you buy a HDMI cable you will not be buying soon-to-be obsolete technology.

HDMI Cables, the universal connection

For many years, the battle for the best way to connect sources to monitors and TVs has continued. From SCART leads to S-Video and component cables, they’ve all been forced onto the side-lines since the universal HDMI cable came along.

Through the HDMI port of a device, a HDMI cable is able to carry the highest quality picture resolution. A HDMI cable is capable of carrying digital quality surround sound and complex communications between devices as well as transmitting images, leaving you with one simple cord to cover all your connection needs. Even with the latest digital upgrade to ULTRA 4K, the HDMI has not faltered. This outstanding quality in digital imaging is easily handled by a 4k HDMI cable. Having a good-quality HDMI cable is also critical for ensuring that your viewing experience is HDCP 2.2 compliant, so you’ll be able to watch commercially released content, whether on DVD, Blu-ray or streaming.

The evolution of HDMI

With such widespread adoption of the HDMI cable, it was clear that new and existing devices would have to be catered for. Due to the rise in popularity of this cable type, there are many adapters available including the VGA to HDMI cable and even a micro HDMI cable that you can use.

Additionally, HDMI cables have undergone a number of adjustments and upgrades since its initial release; the introduction of HDMI 2.0 in 2013 was the first major upgrade. Incremental releases have followed, leading to products such as the HDMI v2 cable, HDMI v2.0b cable, HDMI v2.1 cable and eventually the HDMI 4K cable. All have offered improved performance, visual upgrades and a better audio experience — and most recently, the commercial release of the HDMI 8k cable in 2019 has ensured the smoothest possible viewing experience with compatible TVs. But no matter what type of HDMI cable you require, you can be sure that we’ll have what you need at Wagner Online. We’ll ensure that you have premium high speed HDMI.

Choosing to buy a HDMI cable online

At Wagner Online, we’ve been taking care of your connection needs for over 25 years. We’re your one-stop-shop when it comes to premium certified HDMI. As with all of our products, we make it easy for you to buy a HDMI cable, in addition to all kinds of ports and adapters that are right for you. We offer a Sydney click and collect service, as well as affordable Australia wide and international shipping options so that you can easily get all the products you need. Browse our collection for the best HDMI cable in Australia and buy online today.

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