LevelOne Networking Clearance

WAS-4002 is a two-port antenna splitter that enables you to operate one radio with two antennas in the 5.8 GHz...

Order Code : WAS-4002

Product No Longer Available.
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The LevelOne’s WPC-0300USB is a USB 2.0 interface adapter for USB port enabled desktop or notebook PC. It is fully...

Order Code : WNC-0300USB

Product No Longer Available.
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The compact LevelOne WCS-0030 wireless security camera offers high video quality surveillance solution for residences...

Order Code : WCS-0030

USB3 Hub (4 port) and Gigabit Ethernet Combo Adapter SUPPORTS NOTEBOOKS WITHOUT A LAN CONNECTION The LevelOne Gigabit...

Order Code : USB-0502

WITH 4x 100Mbps ETHERNET PORTS ADSL/2/2+ Modem with 4 Port 100Mbps Ethernet Hub and 150Mbps WiFi. Access and share the...

Order Code : WBR-6603


Order Code : WAB-5120-1

Product No Longer Available.
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300Mbps Wireless USB Adapter (2dBi) DETACHABLE ANTENNA MIMO USB Lead to desktop module with dual antenna for high...

Order Code : WUA-1610

300Mbps Wireless Router (2T2R) w/ 5dBi fixed antenna HIGH GAIN 5dB DUAL ANTENNA WDS Accelerated performance. Wireless...

Order Code : WBR-6012-5DBI

Product No Longer Available.
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4X DIGITAL ZOOM Network camera offers superior image quality and optimised bandwidth efficiency through existing...

Order Code : FCS-1060

Product No Longer Available.
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Cube 2MP H.264 Fisheye PoE IP (1/3.2” CMOS, 1600x1200) PoE 360° x 180° 2 Megapixel 1600x1200px with panoramic...

Order Code : FCS-0071

Cube 1MP 150Mbps Wireless IP (1/4”CMOS, 1280x800) 150Mbps 1Meg IP CAM Megapixel (1280 x 800) high-definition...

Order Code : WCS-0050

Fast Ethernet PCI card w/ Wake-on LAN WITH WAKE-ON-LAN FUNCTION LevelOne FNC-0107TX Adapter is highly integrated and...

Order Code : FNC-0107TX

4-CH Network Video Recorder (SoHo Edition) ENTRY LEVEL IP CAMERA STATION The LevelOne Network Video Recorder (NVR) is...

Order Code : NVR-0104

Product is unavailable and replaced with code:

NVR-1204 View Substitute Product

Cube 1.3MP H.264 300Mbps Wireless IP (1/5”CMOS 1280x960) WITH 1/5”” CMOS SENSOR WCS-0040 is an easy-to-use network...

Order Code : WCS-0040

Print Server W/1 Parallel Port RJ45 to Centronics Level1 Parallel printers to IEEE 802.3 Ethernet. TCP/IP IPX NetBuei....

Order Code : FPS-1031

Product No Longer Available.
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9200 Series 1-port Cat. 5 A/V Receiver LevelOne’s Cat.5 Audio/Video Extender solution is an ideal for broadcasting...

Order Code : AVE-9200

Product No Longer Available.
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5 FE Switch (Metal Enclosure) The LevelOne FEU-0510 is a 5 Port 10/100Mbps Unmanaged Switch with outstanding...

Order Code : FEU-0510

Product No Longer Available.
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Fisheye Dome 2MP H.264, PoE IP Camera 1/3” 1600x1200 The LevelOne FCS-3091 is a H.264 2-Megapixel Fish-Eye camera...

Order Code : FCS-3091
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