6P6C 6 pin connector (6P6C) to double female sockets.

Order Code : TD195

RJ11 RJ12 Ideal for wiring from first point. One filter for the whole house. Can be hard wired or use the modular...

Order Code : DSL0042+

EXTERNAL RJ11 RJ12 RoHS Compliant IDC Terminations ACA Compliant 4 Stage Filter Minimises Noise Mode-3 Compatible...

Order Code : DSL101

ALARM SPLITTER/FILTER RJ11 RJ12 Mode-3 Connection RoHS and RCIT.0004. AS/ACIF SO41:2005 Hard wired input Multiple...

Order Code : DSL019

RJ11 RJ12 Splits the incoming ADSL line into one filtered RJ socket for the phone & non-filtered RJ socket for an...

Order Code : DSL008

RJ11 RJ12 For phone on-wall mounting. Uses IDC terminals for the incoming line. Side entry socketsADSL and...

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