Wagner Electronics Catalogue

Phone: 02-9798-9233 Fax: 02-9798-0017 Power & Lighting MULTI VOLTAGE TESTER CONTACT/NON-CONTACT TYPE TESTER Easy, Safe, Quick and Accurate. Non-contact from 70 V AC to 600 V AC. Contact test from 70 V AC to 250 V AC. DC voltage test: 0-250 V DC. Polarity test: 1.5 V DC to 36 V DC. Continuity check: 0 - 80 M ohms. Checks operating condition of ionizer. Detects microwave leakage: ≥5 mw/cm2 . Safe Test - Water resistant. LR41 batteries included. Code MS18 STUD FINDER (5 IN 1) MULTI-FUNCTION EASY READ TYPE Wooden Stud Detection up to 15mm thickness of gyprock. Buzzer sounds with red LED blinks slow, Fast or steady. Detect Φ20 mm metal pipe depth 30mm. AC Voltage depth 50mm single sheath wire. Bonus Continuity check for fuse, bulbs, etc. and also a Built-in Polarity check (3V-24V DC). Auto power off - Low battery warning - 1x AAA Battery [not included]. Code MS-68-10 AC VOLTAGE DETECTOR Code MS47NS3 An Unique & Versatile Adjustable Non - Contact AC Voltage Detector. Which combines latest Digital Technology to detect AC Voltage from as low as 5 V AC. Sound and light feedback. Non-Contact AC Voltage Test from 5-1,000 V AC range (Adjustable Sensitive). Continuity check to identify ‘Good Or Bad ‘ like Bulb, Fuse etc. Power full long lasting white LED light flashing torch. Battery- 1.5V x 4 pcs. (LR44, AG13, L1154 etc.) [included] NEON TEST SCREWDRIVER INSULATED SHAFT BLADE Steel Blade Tip 5mm Mini Screw driver 145mm with a clear handle and inbuilt neon lamp that will indicate the presence of AC voltages 125-250Vac Ideal for tag strips, etc. as it will indicate if the screw is live! Safety 1st. Code HT500 STUD-FINDER BAR-GRAPH DISPLAY & BEEPER Locates wooden studs, joists, electrical wires and metal pipes in plasterboard or plywood walls. 20mm deep Code SF10285 REQUIRES 9V BATTERY DIGITAL STUD FINDER (3 IN 1) DISTANCE READOUT & BARGRAPH Locate studs, find metal objects and detect AC voltage. Displays Large 2 digits numeric 99 counts for accurate reading of test result and 9 bar display indicate high sensitively sensing level. Detection of - Stud up to 38mm thick Gyprock with 2x4 inches stud, ACV minimum 30mm and Metal minimum 50 mm when pipe is Φ20 mm. Measuring accuracy - ±5mm Audible multitone. 2x AAA Batteries required. Code MS-68-11 3 IN 1 METAL VOLTAGE STUD DETECTOR This 3 in 1 voltage stud detector detects electricity cables, metallic water pipes or other metal objects and metal studs in partition walling which can be located without causing surface damage. With red and green LED indicators and an audible signal to show the presence of metal, electricity and studs. Ideal for the handyman, electricians and more. Code NT6352 MASTECH AC VOLT & METAL DETECTOR The non-contact AC voltage and metal detector senses AC voltage in sockets, walls, etc. Also traces electric wires and metal embedded in the wall. The detector is designed to international safety standards. Sound and light indications. Battery and manual included. Pocket sized. Code MS8902B 08-192