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Web: www.wagneronline.com.au Email: [email protected] Electronic Components 10-39 SUITS KAB-230 OR KAB-250 Supports vertical and horizontal mounting configurations to satisfy different installation requirements. Includes 4x security screws for mounting the amplifier board to the bracket. 7 precut slots allows you to mount the L-type bracket to your project as needed. 127x76x25mm SUITS KAB-250V3 SUITS KAB-230 OR KAB-250 Code KAB-FC KAB FUNCTIONAL CABLES PACKAGE Use the KAB-FC cables to customise any Dayton Audio KAB project. This four-cable kit comes equipped with connector leads for easy termination to the board. Each cable is 50cm long. VOLUME / AUX / POWER SW • 3.5 mm AUX-in cable with jack provides a way to play music with non-Bluetooth devices • External volume control with cable and knob to keep the sound under control • Battery cable for true portable projects • On/Off power cable for optional standby switch BUILT IN LI-ION CHARGER SUITS KAB SERIES KAB BATTERY EXTENSION BOARD Code KAB-BE Code KAB-AB KAB ALUMINIUM BRACKET Dayton Audio's KAB-AB L-shape aluminium bracket is used for securely mounting the KAB amplifier board. Code KAB-LED KAB LED KIT Code KAB-INT KAB INTERFACE EXTENSION BOARD This interface board provides a 3.5 mm AUX-in jack. Two USB A female ports for charging external devices. A momentary push button switch that controls the standby function with LED indicators for power and charging status. Includes 50cm interface extension cable so the board easily plugs directly into the KAB boards. Size: 46x61x25mm POWER-SW / AUX / USB 2A POWER / CHARGE / BLUETOOTH BATTERIES TO SUIT KAB-BE Code BAT-KAB 19VDC 4.75A MAINS SUPPLY Code SMP-90W Beware. This battery does not have an inbuilt protection circuit and is suitable only for chargers with protection like the KAB-BE charger. BATTERIES SOLD SEPARATE † † Bluetooth Audio Amplifiers DIY KAB V3 2X 50W AMPLIFIER BOARD CLASS-D DIY WITH BLUETOOTH 4 • New for v3 is a U.FL IPX coaxial connector for internal or external Bluetooth antenna (internal antenna included) and a Bluetooth pairing reset switch • High quality power from the efficient TPA3116 Class-D amplifier IC • Efficient Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX audio built directly into board • Module includes power and speaker output wiring harnesses 50cm • Class-D 90% Efficiency plus very low standby power consumption • Direct DC input from a power adaptor 12Vdc to 24Vdc or • Power by battery or optional Li-Ion battery charger solution • Compact 91x69x23mm with built-in heat sink • 2x 50W 4Ω (21Vdc 5A) 89.3dB SNR 22Hz-22KHz • Optional accessories expand the functionality for your project The Dayton Audio KAB-250v3 Bluetooth Amplifier Board makes it quick and easy to add a udio to your project, speaker build, point-of-purchase display, kiosk, or any location where music o r sound enhances the experience. With an output of 2 x 50 watts, there is more than enough powe r to drive stereo speakers, yet the board is small enough to integrate into nearly any project. Power Code 2x 50W KAB-250V3 1x 60W KAB-60M 1x 100W KAB-100M KAB-250V3 as described above is available in 50W stereo. Similar versions are also available in 60W and 100W mono: KAB-250V3 Kit of three LEDS, red, green, blue to indicate Power, Charging, and Bluetooth. Li-Ion battery charging board for three 18650 batteries . Recommended BAT-KAB sold separately. Fully protected for safe charging of unprotected batteries. 19Vdc 4A power adaptor is required. KAB PANEL MOUNT FOR KAB AMP BOARDS COMPATIBLE WITH KAB-250V3 Metal panel bracket holds the included kit of indicators, controls and sockets to finish off your KAB project. All items are simple plug-n-play. 120x95mm Code KAB-PMV3 NEW DSP VERSIONS AVAILABLE Search Our Website for DSPB