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Web: www.wagneronline.com.au Email: sales@wagner.net.au AV TV SAT Install † † Signal Strength Meters SATELLITE FINDER + QUALITY PORTABLE DIGITAL LED BARGRAPH X2 Instrument is designed to Find any AURORA,VAST or SELECTV when selected. Satellite meter is powered via external power supply or set top box. F connector to connect the signal cable. Audible beeper. LED Display for Signal Strength & Quality. Code SQ702 SATELLITE FINDER ANALOGUE METER SIGNAL STRENGTH Connects inline with the cable. Has 2 x “F” connector sockets. Frequency range 900MHz-2.3GHz. LNB Gain 52-60dB. DC13-18V Code SAT2100 A B HEAVY DUTY TWIN LEG TIN ROOF MOUNT Tin Roof mount with stay bars. The heavy duty main shaft is 44mm in diameter and is designed to support up to 90cm satellite dish. The 22mm diameter stay bars are adjusted in length between 0.8 and 1.4 metres. Fixing kit includes self tapping screws to lock stay bars, metal roof screws and weather proofing washers. Galvanised steel. Code MNT1005 390 200 WALL MOUNT This wall mount consists of a main steel pillar and two steel supports. Mounting bolts are included for installation. White enamel painted. 150mm(A) + 340mm(B) Reach typically suits 65cm dish. Code MNT1002 HEAVY DUTY DOUBLE GUTTER MOUNT Heavy Duty Steel Gutter Roof Mount for Satellite Dish. Ideal for any tiled roof. Simply slide a couple of tiles up, screw the mount to both rafters and slide the tiles back down. Comes complete with mounting screws & adjustable sliding leg to suit rafter / truss. Galvanised steel trusses & fittings. Code MNT1000 530 250 300 250 400 DISH65 CAN TRANSPORT AUSTRALIA WIDE Diam. 60cm Gain 37.6dB @ 12.5GHz Focal 32.5cm Pole 30-48mmØ Code DISH65 KU-BAND OVAL SATELLITE DISH 65 The 65cm offset dish features a galvanised steel reflector with powder coat finish. It has a patented double rolled edge, excellent durability. This package includes the 65cm offset dish, a LNB bracket, 40mm LNB clamp and screw sets for installation. Kit includes: Dish / Arm / Mount bracket (only). Requires mast and LNB, etc. • Aperture Efficiency: >80% • Horizontal Axis: 65cm • Vertical Axis: 74cm • Gain @ 12.5GHz: 37.6dB • Focal Length: 32.5cm • Mount Type: Az/EI • Azimuth Alignment: 360 degrees • F/D Ratio: 0.5 • Elevation Alignment: 15° – 85° • Pole Diameter: 30 – 48mm • Operation Temperature: -40°C – +60°C • Operation Wind: 80Km/h Max. 180Km/h TV SIGNAL FINDER 4 LED SIGNAL STRENGTH Digital TV signal strength Finder. Powered by 9V battery (not inc.) or via set top box. LED display to indicate the strength. F connector to connect the signal cable. Built in amplifier compensates insertion loss. Pocket size and lightweight. Suitable for analogue and digital application. Code AITVF Items Are Sent by Road Transport. Additional Delivery Costs May Apply. *BULKY ITEM DELIVERY Items Are Sent by Road Transport. Additional Delivery Costs May Apply. *BULKY ITEM DELIVERY DISH90 *PICK-UP ONLY - OR SPECIAL DELIVERY AVAILABLE Diam. 90cm Gain 40.5dB @12.5GHz Focal 45.0cm Pole 30-48mmØ Code DISH90 Pole is sold separately 01-149