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Phone: 02-9797-9866 Fax: 02-9716-6015 Audio Speakers & PA DAYTON OMNIMIC-V2 INCLUDES EXCLUSIVE SOFTWARE [DOWNLOAD] Dayton Audio’s OmniMic V2 was developed in collaboration with Liberty Instruments, inventors of the Praxis analysis tool. Powerful, versatile, yet easy to use, the OmniMic V2 will become an indispensable part of your audio toolbox—whether for testing individual speaker components or entire in-place audio systems of every description. The OmniMic V2 provides quick and accurate measurements that will reduce installation time, saving you both labour and money. The OmniMic V2’s test signals may be initiated from the host computer, or from any audio CD player. System includes calibrated USB microphone, rubberized mic clip, software and test signal discs, 6 ft. USB 2.0 cable, desktop tripod stand, and carrying case. Compatible with Windows® XP to Windows® 8. • Updated software and improved hardware • Compact, portable, accurate, affordable • Latest version software always available for download • Perfect for setting up home theatre systems • Optimized for use with netbooks and laptops • Accurate response down to 5 Hz, fully calibrated, includes FRD file • For professionals and hobbyists, design and tune speaker systems and arrays Code OMNIMICV2 V5.04 is now available for download from https://www.daytonaudio.com/ DAYTON AUDIO TEST SYSTEM DATS-V3 MECHANICAL & ELECTRICAL CIRCUIT MEASUREMENT FOR AUDIO DESIGNERS Accurate measurement of loudspeaker electromechanical parameters includes Fs, Qts, Vas, and many more. High-resolution impedance response measurements 1 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Software signal generator. Oscilloscope software mode with dual traces, time and amplitude scales. • Rugged aluminium housing with detachable test leads and built-in precision calibration resistor • Tighter tolerances on internal components for more precise and consistent measurements • Increased output capability with greater separation from the noise floor, resulting in more accurate measurements and detailed response with a dependable valid data result • DATS Linearity Test for comparing parameters and impedance plots at multiple drive levels • Includes powerful PC software DTAS V3.0 that’s intuitive to use • Measures Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance, T/S, Wright Model parameters, and more • Software signal generator with selectable waveform, frequency, and amplitude, 1Hz to 20KHz • Generates sine, square, triangle, saw tooth, impulse, pink noise, and log sweeps • Optional under desk mounting brackets included to save desk space Code DATS-V3 DATS-V3 V3 - NEW VERSION FOR 2020 SPEAKER AND LAPTOP NOT INCLUDED INCLUDES THE LATEST VERSION OF SOFTWARE 03-224