Wagner Electronics Catalogue

Phone: 02-9798-9233 Fax: 02-9798-0017 Data &Computer † † Rack Cabinets & Accessories † † 10" Rack Cabinets & Accessories 10” CABINET RACK AMDEX MINI PROFESSIONAL Small-Office/Home-Office. Store & organise networking products and cables in an all-metal pro enclosure. Offers Ample ventilation. Sturdy metal construction. Glass door for easy view, key-locked security. Neat and tidy solution. Assorted access holes. Black anodised painted. Reduces noise & clutter 6 UNIT 10" Rack 6 Units Size 350Wx225Dx335Hmm Code DA-CAB-6RU 9 UNIT 10" Rack 9 Units Size 350Wx225Dx490Hmm Code DA-CAB-9RU 10” 1RU HINGED WALL FRAME 1RU Hinged wall bracket with covers to suit 10" SOHO Panels Size 265x74x47mm Code DA-10-BRACKET 10” SHELF 1U support shelf Depth 135mm Code DA10-SHELF 10” CABLE MANAGER Three “C” clips to hold and organise cable entry/exit. Neat and tidy with front facia cover. Includes screws 10” BLANK Amdex is a leader in professional IT 3rd party tested to industry specifications. 1U Metal Blank Panel. Includes mount screws. 10” UNEQUIPPED HEXAGONAL Mounting solution. Requires Sockets. Supplied empty. Metal Panel with 10 HEX shaped holes. Numbered & Labelled. Rack screws inc. 10’ UNEQUIPPED KEYSTONE Socket Mounting solution. Requires Keystone pieces supplied separately. Metal Panel w/ 8 holes 16x14mm Keystone clips Numbered & Labelled. Includes rack screws. 10” CAT5e EQUIPPED Front RJ45 Sockets Numbered & Labelled Rear single appearance Punch 110 Tool type Krone® compatible Includes screws Type Code 8 Way DA10-8P-C5E 12 Way DA10-12P-C5E 10” CAT6 EQUIPPED 8 OR 12 WAY Type Code 8 Way DA10-8P-C6 12 Way DA10-12P-C6 10” VOICE PANEL [VC] Connect single input to 4 Exchange lines with 6 extensions per line (4x6) Punch 110 Tool type Krone® compatible inline DIP switch Optional front entry Rear cable organiser Code DA10-VC 10” VOICE PANEL [20P] AMDEX® 10” Panel 2x10 Pair Disconnect Modules (Push-Down Type) Code DA10-20P 1RU RACK 8-PORT 100M ETHERNET SWITCH Mini rack N-Way Fast Ethernet switch. Metal cabinet. 25 LED status display. Designed to mount into the 10" rack cabinet. Includes brackets. Size: 217x123x44mm Code SW-408 1RU RACK 10-PORT 1G ETHERNET SWITCH 1RU RACK 4-PORT+1 100M ETHERNET SWITCH Code SW-405 1RU RACK 16-PORT 100M ETHERNET SWITCH Code SW-416 Size 255x44mm Code DA10-BLANK Size 255x44x80mm Code DA10-207 Hole 10x 9.5mmØ Code DA10-HEX Type Keystone Code DA10-BEZ Code SW-416GIG The 16 port gigabit switch Size: 217x44x123mm Includes 1U brackets 1 Up-link port, 4x 10/100 Ethernet ports. 16 LED status display. Metal cabinet. 46 LED status display. Includes brackets. Size: 217x44x123mm 04-2