Wagner Catalogue

Web: www.wagneronline.com.au Email: sales@wagner.net.au Data &Computer † † Rack Cabinets Open Frame 19" SINGLE FRAME OPEN RACK THESE ITEMS ARE PICK UP ONLY. DELIVERY IS AVAILABLE AT EXTRA COST Supplied as a flat pack. Cost does NOT include delivery. Pickup from our Sydney show room. Supplied in flat packaging. Requires assembly. Instructions included. • Easy to assemble, easy to access for cable management and equipment management. • Can be bolted directly to the floor or use castors if you need the mobility. • Available in size 18U, 27U and 42U • Made with SPCC cold rolled steel • Static loading up to 200kg • Includes 4x castors. Type Width Depth Height Code 18U 585mm 120mm 887mm ORC18U 27U 585mm 120mm 1331mm ORC27U 42U 585mm 120mm 1998mm ORC42U 19” WALL RACK BRACKET HINGED WALL MOUNT Stand-alone bracket for wall mounting 19” rack item/s with hinged side allows direct access to rear for cabling, etc. Invert for Left or Right. Height Depth Code 1RU 195mm RWB1U 2RU 195mm RWB2U 3RU 195mm RWB3U 4RU 195mm RWB4U 6RU 195mm RWB6U 19" WALL OR UNDER-DESK EQUIPMENT RACK 1/2/3/4 UNIT EQUIPMENT RACK • Equipment can be mounted vertically from a wall, or horizontally under a shelf. Compatible with most 19” rack mountable equipment. Made from solid steel for durability. Size Height Code 504x151x60mm 1RU WMV1RU 504x151x105mm 2RU WMV2RU 504x151x149mm 3RU WMV3RU 504x151x195mm 4RU WMV4RU THESE ITEMS ARE PICK UP DELIVERY IS AVAILABLE AT ADDITIONAL COST PLEASE ENQUIRE 20 20 HEIGHT 65 471 504 151 465 450 04-3