Wagner Electronics Catalogue

Phone: 02-9798-9233 Fax: 02-9798-0017 Security & Surveillance † † Alarm Security WGAP864 ALARM KIT INCLUDES SENSORS AND SIREN Save time and hassle with this packaged bundle. • 1x Base Unit 8 Zone • 1x Control Keypad • Power supply/charger • 12V7Ah SLA Backup Code WGAP864PACK • Outside Siren & Strobe • 3x PIR Sensors • 2x Surface Reed Switches • Requires Cable † † Alarm System Watchguard 864 ALARM SYSTEM MULTI-ZONE HARD-WIRED PRO 8 ZONE EXPANDABLE UP TO 64 If you’re looking for complete home or commercial building protection, you require a WGAP864 hard-wired Alarm System. Available in an 8 zone panel that is expandable to 64 zones by using up to 6 external modules available, each with 8 zones. Optional sensors and sirens help protect all areas of your home or building by performing functions such as monitoring rooms and offices for movement, and detecting when doors or windows are opened. This gives you greater peace of mind that your building is secured against thieves, burglars and vandals. The WGAP864 is a versatile, microprocessor-based, fully featured 8/64 Zone alarm panel, which has two partitions. The alarm panel provides immediate notification of burglary, and 24Hr fire, medical & panic conditions. There is a dedicated panic zone, monitored siren output, auxiliary power outputs and five (expandable to 25) programmable outputs that may be programmed to perform various trigger/switching functions. • 8 zones included • Expandable to 16 Zones on-board • Expandable to a total of 64 Zones with external boards. • Supports up to 8 keypads • 128 user codes • 25 fully programmable outputs • Ability to log up to 1000 events •  1.5A available onboard power (dual power supply) • Inbuilt 500mA charger for optimal backup battery management • IDS’s renowned one-button arming •  3 quick arm modes: Stay, (2) Away and (3) Stay and Go •  4 stay profiles: Stay, Night Stay, Day Stay, Perimeter • Supports star or daisy chain modules up to 300 Metres • Dual and split reporting • Dynamic battery self-test • Dedicated panic zone • Optional tamper per zone • Separate box tamper zone • No activity arming • Recall bypass selected • Auto arm/disarm per partition • User-enabled chime and buzz zones • Programmable loop response time • Excellent protection against lightning •  Telephone communicator (Remote Optional) • Optional Voice Recorded Message sending Code WGAP864 Includes Alarm Panel in Box Includes 1x Keypad (More available) Requires 16VAC 1.5A Power & Charging Requires ALL connection Cables, etc. 12V Lead-Acid Battery for Backup (Optional) WGAP864 BACKUP BATTERY 12V 7Ah SLA Battery Description Code Ritar RT 12V 7A SLA General Purpose Battery RT1270EF1 Neuton Power 12V 7A SLA General Purpose Battery BNP1270 WGAP864 REPLACEMENT POWER SUPPLY 16Vac 1500mAh Mains Power Pack used for supply and also charging of Optional Backup Battery. Code ACA1615QE WGAP864 ZONE EXPANSION MODULES Connects directly to WGAP864 main panel to add 8 more zones (zones 9 to 16). Code WGAP864EXP1664 WGAP864 KEYPADS Add extra keypads for additional doors, etc. Up to 8 Keypads total. Code WGAP864KP WGAP864 TO PC MODULE Connect to your PC via USB for programming functions into your WGAP864. Standard computer USB with Windows® Software. Code WGAPCABLEUSB External 8 Zone expander module. Add more 816 modules for up to 64 zones. Code WGAP864EXP816 WGAP864 ACCESSORIES AND OPTIONAL EXTRAS WGAP864 PHONE & VOICE MODULE The board contains a DMTF decoder chip and audio memory chip which add telephonic voice interaction to the panel. The user can receive pre-recorded messages or can control the system via the phone by pressing keys on the phone. Code WGAP864VM Watchguard TM ALARM BOX WITH KEYPAD AC CESSORIES EXTRA ALARM BOX WITH KEYPAD ACCESSORIES INCLUDED KIT 05-2