Wagner Electronics Catalogue

Phone: 02-9798-9233 Fax: 02-9798-0017 Security & Surveillance Built-in GPS MDVR-J200 + 16GB micro SD 2nd Camera for Cabin Geo-fencing *SIM&smartphone Monitor soldseparately. Built-in GPS GPS VEHICLE TRACKER - 3G SECUREVIEW † † Car Locators & Trackers REQUIRES GPS & GSM ANTENNAS Vehicle tracker supporting the 3G (WCDMA) network. Real-time location tracking with two-way calling and remote listen-in functions. Features excellent and stable work performance. Used for vehicle tracking and fleet management. • Real time tracking • 3G Network • Assisted-GPS • History reports Band Code 3G RTRACK-ST4 WIFI DUAL CAMERA DASH CAM WITH 3G GPS TRACKING SYSTEM WINDSCREEN & CABIN CAMERA DVR WITH GPS TRACKING - 3G WIFI 3G/WiFi In-Vehicle Surveillance & GPS Tracking System •  Record up to Full HD/2.0MP (1920 x 1080) at 30fps •  2 x fixed lens - 140° external (road), 90° internal (driver) • Live camera view and GPS tracking with mobile app • Windshield-mounted with detachable camera unit • Two-way voice communication between phone & cam • Email/app alert & sent footage upon collision detection • Monitor driver behavior with geo-fencing • G-sensor to detect harsh acceleration, sharp turns, etc. •  450mAh external battery for use when vehicle is off • Playback and record footage on microSD up to 32GB Code MDVR-J200 1080p FULL - HD Built-in GPS † † Dash Cams Built-in GPS DUAL CAMERA SUPPORT DASH CAMS - SEE AUTOMOTIVE SECTION 9 AN EXTENSIVE RANGE OF DASH CAMS IS AVAILABLE • Available with: • 1080p Full HD & Full HD 2CH recording • Advanced CCD Camera technologies for excellent Night view • State of the art video enhancement technology for clear and balanced images •  Road Safety Warning System (LDWS, FCWS, uFCWS, FVDW) •  Safety Camera and Speed Camera Alert (with GPS) •  GEO fencing and locate vehicle (Requires cloud connection) • Built-in Wi-Fi and Built-in GPS •  View video from mobile APP (Android/iOS) or Windows/Mac Viewer • Premium features and vision from Thinkware range of Dash-Cams • Economical surveillance with the Gator range starting from under $50 VEHICLE GPS TRACKER - GATOR REQUIRES 4G SIM CARD WITH DATA GPS Tracker is a simple and affordable tracking solution for companies, fleets and personal use. 12 and 24 volt compatible to monitor and protect construction equipment, trailers, caravans, boats, motorcycles, cars, trucks and more. Features alerts, remote immobilisation and geo-fencing. A number of alerts can be enabled including; vibration (accident), displacement (towing), tamper and power cut-off to the tracker. The free web-based monitoring system which can be accessed on your computer or smartphone, lets you track your vehicle and equipment in real-time and review the history on an interactive map with details on direction, speed and more. Up to three GTRAK4QB can be accessed from one log in making this tracking solution ideal for companies and fleet operators. There are no ongoing costs for the tracking software, but the tracker requires a mobile sim card with data to work (not included). Code GTRAK4QB 05-78