Wagner Electronics Catalogue

Phone: 02-9798-9233 Fax: 02-9798-0017 Communications UHF HAND HELD 150mm Direct to plug connection. Ground independent 1/2 wave. Made with tough nylon tubing covered with polyolefin. This antenna is primarily for hand held transceivers but can be used in other applications where an inline antenna is required. Length 150mm 150mm Gain ¼ Wave ¼ Wave Colour Black Black Type 477MHz 477MHz Base BNC TNC Mobileone BNCMD TNCMD Code ANT844 ANT845 ANT844 ANT845 Requires SO239 Base 5M COAX To FME. Includes PL259 Adaptor † † CB UHF 477MHz UHF RUBBER-DUCKY 300mm 477MHz 4dB ½" BASE Flexible & Robust. Ground Independent low-profile, tough. No ground plane 0dB With ground plane 4dB Australian made. Nylon radome black 300mm Trucks, cars, 4WD, farm, etc. BW=20MHz. Vswr 1.8:1 Type 477MHz 477MHz Gain 4dB* 4dB* Length 300mm 300mm Base SO239 Tail Colour Black Black Plug PL259 FME + PL259 adaptor Lead Nil Coax x5M Benelec 02634XC 02634X Code ANT435 ANT434 UHF HAND HELD 350mm 1/2 wave ground plane independent antenna with a SMA connector designed especially for exposed SMA connectors on hand held radios. Covered entirely with polyolefin rubber heatshrink for heavy duty use and weatherproof protection. Gain 3dB 3dB Length 350mm 350mm Colour Black Black Type 477MHz 477MHz Base SMA (up) SMA (in) Mobileone SMAIHW SMAHW Code ANT836 ANT841 UHF RUBBER-DUCKY 360mm 477MHz 2dB ½" BASE Flexible type with spring base for a low-profile, tough mount anywhere! 300W BW=15MHz 2dB *Ground Independent. Only 360mm tall. Australian made. UHF FLEXI-DIPOLE 300mm 4dB Ultra rugged, broadband, flexi dipole. Full band operation. 450-520MHz. PL259 Male Plug base Gain 4dB Length 330mm Colour Black Type UHF 477MHz Base PL259 Benelec 02634ZMC Code ANT541 † † Antennas ANT435 ANT434 ANT823 ANT410 Gain *2dB *2dB Length 360mm 360mm Colour Black Black Type 477MHz 477MHz Base 3.6M Lead PL259 Plug FME+PL259 adaptor PL259 Base MobileOne CD470 CD470PL Code ANT410 ANT823 UHF FLEXI-DIPOLE 300mm 3dB BNC HANDHELD MOBILE ONE 477MHz Ground Independent 3dB Gain Hand Held UHF CB Antenna • 477MHz 1/2 Wave Antenna with BNC Mount • Lightweight Flexible Nylon • Ground Independent • Full 1/2 Wave with 3dBi Gain • Low SWR (no tuning required) • Made In Australia Gain 3dB Length 300mm Type UHF 477MHz Base BNC MobileOne BNC477H Code ANT853 06-2