Wagner Electronics Catalogue

Web: www.wagneronline.com.au Email: sales@wagner.net.au Communications UHF STAINLESS STEEL WHIP 4.5dB UHF STEEL WHIP 6.5dB 477MHz 870mm 870mm Stainless 17/7 High Tensile Plated Brass. Ferrule Terminates to SO239. 0.5mmØ Black Delrin. Ground plane independent. Elevated Ferrule. Includes SO239 Base and lead assembly to FME Socket. +PL259 adaptor Gain 6.5dB Length 870mm Colour Steel Type 477MHz Base SO239 Lead 5Mx RG58 Plug FME Female+PL259 adaptor Benelec 02632 Code ANT433 UHF STEEL WHIP 1.3M 9dB 477MHz 1300mm 1300mm Stainless 17/7 High Tensile 0.5mmØ Black Delrin Suit 4x4, trucks, etc. Best bull bar mounting. Ground plane independent. Includes elevated base. Require ½" Bracket mount. Includes low loss cable. FME female plug + PL259 adaptor. Benelec 02629 Gain 9dB Length 1300mm Colour Black Type 477MHz Base SO239 OEM 02629 Brand Benelec Code ANT432 UHF ELEVATED-FEED STEEL WHIP 6.5dB 760mm 477MHz 760mm 6.5dB Benelec “Truckie” whip set. Suit mirror/bull mount. Stainless steel whip. Brass & Delrin Base. Elevated feed tube. High tensile strength. Mobile Truckie Antenna. Ground Independent. Suit high speed mount gutter / mirror / boot. Low-Loss coax connected feed cable 5.0M FME female plug + PL259 adaptor. ¼ Wave Vswr 1.5:1 6.5dB 477MHz Bandwidth 13MHz Plug Lead Base. Gain 6.5dB Length 760mm Colour Steel Type 477MHz Base ½” Benelec 02637 Code ANT436 5/16" THREADED BASE 17-7PH Grade 2.5mmØ Tuned Spring 470-490MHz Suit: Replacement or stand-alone Gain 4.5dB 4.5dB Length 670mm 670mm Colour Stainless Steel Black Type 477MHz 477MHz Base 5/16" 5/16" Benelec 02623I 02623IBK Code ANT415 ANT415BK UHF STAINLESS STEEL WHIP 4.5dB 5/16" THREADED BASE 17-7PH Grade 3.5mmØ Tuned Spring 470-490MHz Gain 4.5dB Length 600mm Colour Stainless Steel Type 477MHz Base 5/16" Mobileone S474 Code ANT822 Suit: Replacement or stand-alone UHF SPRING WHIP 4.5dB 5.4dbi 477MHz Coil Loaded Stainless Steel Whip. No base supplied. Requires CBBL1/2 Aerpro. Type 477MHz Gain 4.5dB Base 1/4" Length 670mm Colour Steel Code CBA4S1 PL259 SO439 PL259 SO439 † † CB UHF 477MHz Steel Whips 06-3