Wagner Electronics Catalogue

Web: www.wagneronline.com.au Email: [email protected] Communications 06-9 CELLULAR 3G/4G ANTENNA PANEL MOUNT ½” CELLINK 800MHz TO 960MHz Rubber grommet base seal. Inverted cone base 30mm. Suit permanent install. Requires drilled panel 14mm. CELLULAR 3G/4G ANTENNA MAGNETIC BASE CELLINK 850MHz OR 900MHz Open spring type tuning coil. Black anodized low wind noise. High wind speed magnetic base. Rubber lined to protect duco. Excellent robust solution for non-permanent installations. Pre-crimped FME female plug. 3M of super low-loss cable. Freq. 820-894MHz 880-962MHz Gain 4dB 4dB Length 300mm 300mm Base Magnetic 28mm Magnetic 28mm Cable 3M x HDF100 3M x HDF100 Plug FME female FME female Code ANT363 ANT368 CELLULAR 3G/4G ANTENNA MAGNETIC BASE CELLINK OPTIONS: 700MHz 850MHz 900MHz 1800MHz 2100MHz 2400MHz Closed coil type, black anodized, low wind noise & high wind speed magnetic base for a secure hold at high speed. Rubber lined to protect duco. Compact temp install solution. Pre-Crimped FME Female Plug. WIDEBAND TYPE Gain 5-7dB Length 500mm Type 690-960MHz 1710-2700MHz Base Panel 1/2" Cable 4M x LL195 Plug SMA Male Code ANT448 WIRELESS INTERNET 3G/4G ANTENNA DESK-TOP WIDEBAND 3G/4G & WIFI Indoor self standing or laptop clip. Includes wand and stands with angle adjust for wall mounting, etc. Stands 220mm tall. 825-960MHz, 1710-2200MHz Type 850, 900, 1800, 2100MHz Gain 2dB Size 220mm Tall Lead RG174 x2M Plug FME Female Code ANT444 WIRELESS INTERNET 3G/4G ANTENNA LAPTOP INDOOR PATCH BROADBAND 850MHz 900MHz 2100MHz Flat “patch” antenna. Double sided tape affix. 1M x RG174A/U. Terminates FME female. Gain 2.5dB 2.0dB Length 155x55mm 75x33mm Type 850MHz, 900MHz, 2100MHz 850MHz, 900MHz, 2100MHz Lead 1M x RG174AU 1M x RG174AU Plug FME Female FME Female Code ANT497 ANT498 LAPTOP NOT INCLUDED Gain 5dB 5dB 7dB Length 380mm 400mm 520mm Type 880-960MHz 1710-2170MHz 690-960MHz 1710-2170MHz 690-960MHz 1710-2700MHz Base Magnetic 50mm Magnetic 50mm Magnetic 80mm Lead 4M x LL195 4M x LL195 4M x LL195 Plug FME female FME female FME female Code ANT483 ANT482 ANT481 Freq. 820-960MHz 820-960MHz Gain 5dB 7dB Length 300mm 500mm Base Panel 1/2" Panel 1/2" Cable 5M x RG58A/U 4M x LL195 Plug FME Female FME Female Code ANT406 ANT447 With fire-wall grommet.