Wagner Electronics Catalogue

Phone: 02-9798-9233 Fax: 02-9798-0017 Communications PHONE SPECIFIC CRADLES WITH CHARGER & ANTENNA COUPLER DEDICATED TO THE MOST POPULAR MODELS Smooth talker cradle can be used with a hands free car kits or after market stereo systems. This cradle is designed to be installed into a vehicle. Various connection and mounting solutions are available. Power through socket (Like to like) is on the base for optional power sources available with this series to use existing accessories, or is available with inbuilt power solutions. This cradle has an external antenna connector with an FME male end. SmoothTalker offers a dedicated professional solution. ANTENNA COUPLER † † Cradles & Holders - Smooth Talker QI™ WIRELESS CHARGER PHONE CRADLES SEE SECTION 09 AUTOMOTIVE SEE SECTION 09 AUTOMOTIVE SEE SECTION 09 AUTOMOTIVE SEE SECTION 09 AUTOMOTIVE SEE SECTION 09 AUTOMOTIVE SEE SECTION 09 AUTOMOTIVE MAGMATE MAGNETIC PHONE HOLDERS Magnetic Phone Mount Optional metal plates available to bolster flux. WINDSCREEN MOUNT - PHONE HEAVY-DUTY SUCTION CUP 90mm Suction cup grip. Secures to windshield. Arm Angle Adjustment. Ball & Socket head. Heavy-Duty design. Universal cradle to suit width from 45mm to 100mm. † † Cradles & Holders † † Windscreen Mount † † Cradles & Holders - Wireless Charge & Qi † † Cradles & Holders - Magnetic Mount † † Brackets Mounting COMPATIBLE WITH MOST UNIVERSAL BRACKETS UNIVERSAL CRADLES SUITS MOST DASH-MOUNT TYPE CRADLES The following brackets have 30x38mm mounting holes to suit a majority of dash-mount cradles including SmoothTalker and Aerpro Hook & Hold No screws Suits many Audi models Base 9x52mm Reach 32mm Phone 72x52mm AUDI Specifically designed brackets to suit specific models of vehicles. TO SUIT SPECIFIC CAR MODELS 30mm STANDARD PHONE MOUNT FOOTPRINT 38mm SEE SECTION 09 AUTOMOTIVE 06-54