SUPPORTS DATA TRANSFER AT UP TO 40GBPS Upgrade your storage solution to the next level with this lightning-fast USB4...

Order Code : ECU262

SINGLE INPUT / SINGLE OUTPUT This masthead amplifier improves your reception by boosting the digital TV signal. It has...

Starts From: $32.50

Ruijie Reyee EW1800GX PRO 3000M Wi-Fi 6 Dual-band Gigabit Mesh Router CREATES SEAMLESS MESH NETWORK WITH OTHER REYEE...

Order Code : EW3000GX

4K Digital signage media player with remote WITH 16GB BUILT-IN STORAGE / USB 3 / USB 2 / SD SLOT The Wintal MICRO4PRO...

Order Code : MICRO4PRO

WITH TRIPOD & POP FILTER This condenser microphone features a USB interface for connecting to PC or Mac. It offers...

Order Code : USBM650

13.8Vdc 20A A fixed voltage output power supply designed for powering automotive, marine and comms equipment. Low...

Order Code : SMP8254

3/7.5dBi Multi-band 5G mobile cellular antenna with Removable Spring base, 1240mm DETACHABLE BASE Multi-band 5G...

Order Code : ANT718

The 6AQ5 (Mullard–Philips tube designation EL90) is a miniature 7-pin (B7G) audio power output beam tetrode vacuum tube...

Order Code : 6AQ5A

Cellferno M2000 5G Cat-22 Outdoor Modem is a 5G Fixed Wireless unit that provides multi-gigabit data speeds by...

Order Code : CEL-M2000


Order Code : MIC-101

NON-RECHARGEABLE 3.6V D size Lithium-thionyl Chloride battery. Tagged. 19Ah. Pulse compatible.

Starts From: $22.50

USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Network AdapterSPEC: 1 USB 3.0 Connector, 1 Gigabit Ethernet Port, Foldable and Portable...

Order Code : TL-UE306

The ANT-PY-00005 is a Cross Polarised (XPOL), cellular band, 2x2 MIMO antenna which includes the new 3400 – 3800MHz...

Order Code : ANT-PY-00005

AX1800 DUAL-BAND WI-FI 6 ROUTER The Mercusys MR70X offers the next generation 802.11ax Wi-Fi connectivity and takes...

Order Code : TL-MR70X

WITH MALE PINS / SOLDER TERMINATION Chogori Middle series male pin waterproof front panel mount with solder...

Starts From: $13.95

Poynting OMNI-402 MIMO LTE Marine antenna, 410-3800MHz, 6.5/2.5dBi, 2m cable SMA/M The ANT-PY-00007 is an...

Order Code : ANT-PY-00007


Order Code : 1750A

DIECAST BOX 1550 BLACK black diecast aluminium enclosure Black diecast aluminium enclosure. IP54 rated.

Order Code : 1550BBK

UTILITY CASE 12.0 X 3.0 X 2.2 enclosure - unpainted aluminium; utility 1mm thick aluminium utility enclosures.Size:...

Order Code : 1411WU

FOR SPORTDOG FIELD TRAINER SD-400 RECEIVER Replacement battery for Sportdog Field Trainer SD-400 receiver.

Order Code : ATB-SD-400

1000Base-SX SFP Transceiver (Multimode 850nm) - 550m MULTIMODE 850NM - 550M The DEM-311GT is a high performance 850nm...

Order Code : DEM-311GT

Get fast mobile internet using the Cellferno M Series Outdoor LTE CPE. Created with speed and quality in mind, this...

Order Code : CEL-M1200
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