Patch Cable Antenna Adaptor SMA Female To 2x SMA Male SMA female splitter to 2x SMA male

Order Code : CAL851

Patch Lead Antenna Adaptor for ZTE T20 Patch Lead Antenna Adaptor Direct Connection Type suitable for Telstra T20...

Order Code : CAL8176

SMA-RP Male Connector To UFL(IPX) Connector 30CM RP SMA male to UFL(IPX) cable, 30cm long

Order Code : CAL848

Dual patch lead to single SMA male RF antenna adaptor righ

Order Code : CAL2564

Dual patch lead to single FME male RF antenna adaptor right angle Dual MS-147 To Single FME Male RG174U

Order Code : CAL2563

Dual TS5 to single FME male - Straight RF Ports

Order Code : CAL846
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