Cellular, or mobile patch cables are the perfect solution for connecting your mobile phone to another device such as an antenna adaptor or external antenna adapter. If you are in the market to buy cellular patch cables, look no further than Wagner Electronics Super Store. We have an amazing selection of patch cables and other related accessories, offering the convenience of both Australia-wide delivery and Sydney click and collect.

Buying the best patch cable

Patch cables, also known as patch cords, have connectors on both ends. The primary function of patch cables is to connect an end unit with a power source, and they are most commonly used for gaining improved cellular reception or service on your mobile phone or device.

Before buying your cables, it is advisable to consider the following:

  • The desired layout for your patch cables. It is important to determine whether right-angle or straight ends are required to help make everything fit into the allotted space.
  • The required length of each patch cable. Take measurements to ensure you are buying the right kind of patch cables to meet distance requirements.

Buy patch cables at Wagner Electronics Super Store

Wagner Electronics offers customers a large product range and fast delivery for all their patch cable needs. With more than 25 years of experience in the electronics business, our team is ready to assist you in finding patch cables and other IT data networking parts and supplies. Phone us on (+61) 02 9798 9233 or drop us an email with product questions or to request our help.

Patch Cable Antenna Adaptor SMA Female To 2x SMA Male SMA female splitter to 2x SMA male

Order Code : CAL851

Patch Lead Antenna Adaptor for ZTE T20 Patch Lead Antenna Adaptor Direct Connection Type suitable for Telstra T20...

Order Code : CAL8176

SMA-RP Male Connector To UFL(IPX) Connector 30CM RP SMA male to UFL(IPX) cable, 30cm long

Order Code : CAL848

Dual patch lead to single SMA male RF antenna adaptor righ

Order Code : CAL2564

Dual patch lead to single FME male RF antenna adaptor right angle Dual MS-147 To Single FME Male RG174U

Order Code : CAL2563

Dual TS5 to single FME male - Straight RF Ports

Order Code : CAL846
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