Designed for general wiring in domestic, commercial and industrial applications where the cable is not subject to...

Starts From: $79.00

Mains Twin Lamp Cord. Flat, in white or black. 2 Core Multi-strand Flex. 7A cable. Double Insulated. Supplied on 100M...

Starts From: $63.05

Typical Mains Cord, Extra Flexible type. 3 Core Multi-strand Flex. 10A cable. Double Insulated. Supplied on 100M Reels....

Starts From: $129.00

Grey with red tracer for low voltage. 2.5mm x 2 core with 24 x 0.12mm strands

Order Code : SPW1224

Grey with black tracer for low voltage. 1.5mm x 2 core with 11 x 0.16mm strands

Order Code : SPW1611

6.0M 4 Gauge Red Power Cable To O-Ring 0.8M 4 Gauge Black Ground Cable To O-Ring 5M 20 Gauge Blue Trigger cable. 1.8M...

Order Code : MX004

Product is unavailable and replaced with code:

MX04 View Substitute Product

Red/Black heavy duty for high current. (5g10A) 3.5mm x 2 with 37 x 0.12mm strands

Order Code : AW1237

Red/Black heavy duty for higher current. (10g15A) 4.5mm x 2 with 61 x 0.18mm strands.

Order Code : AW1861
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