MPEG4 ONLY - SINGLE CHANNEL HD DVB-T The HD-1603 is a High-Definition (HD) single input MPEG-4 (H.264) DVB-T Modulator...

Order Code : HD-1603

PROFESSIONAL 8 INPUT HIGH-DEFINITION DVB-T MPEG2/4 The HD-8002DM is an Eight Input High Definition DVB-T Professional...

Order Code : HD-8002DM

COMPOSITE VIDEO & STEREO AUDIO digi-MOD RL-DM8000 is an 8 input DVB-T Modulator in a 1RU. Ideal for Commercial...

Order Code : RL-DM8000

COMPOSITE VIDEO & STEREO AUDIO TO DVB-T MPEG2 Convert an analogue AV signal either from a satellite decoder, DVD,...

Order Code : KDM101A


Order Code : DCD201

Product is unavailable and replaced with code:

MOD1HD View Substitute Product

Quad Input High Definition DVB-T Modulator Output. Dual mode DVB-T distribution with both MPEG-2 / AVC (MPEG-4)...

Order Code : HD-4002DM

50W COMPACT MODULE - SMART DEVICE CONTROLLED RL-BT600 is a standalone 50W RMS per channel compact amplifier with...

Order Code : RL-BT600

Product No Longer Available.
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HDMI DIGITAL INPUT HIGH DEFINITION Dual Input High Definition DVB-T Modulator. Dual mode distribution with both MPEG-2...

Order Code : HD2000DM

DISTRIBUTE VIDEO OVER VHF/UHF Converts any Composite AV source eg. cameras, etc. into analogue RF TV channel & mixes...

Order Code : RF5300F

SINGLE CHANNEL COMPOSITE / S-VIDEO / COMPONENT VIDEO TO DVB-T The RL-DM1102M is a single input DVB-T Modulator that...

Order Code : RL-DM1102M

QUAD MUX CHANNEL IN - 4CH OUT (MUX TO 1CH) Premium grade Resi-Linx Digi-MOD is a Digital Video Broadcast Terrestrial...

Starts From: $1499.00

Wallplate With Module For Bluetooth System “resi-linx” Single Input Module for Bluetooth System. Use to send an Audio...

Order Code : RL-BT430

Professional Bluetooth Audio Receiver “resi-linx” Professional Bluetooth Audio Receiver Bluetooth Receiver Module....

Order Code : RL-BT120

Product No Longer Available.
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CHANGE COLOUR RL-MRA210 comes in white Removable face plate can be updated to other options

Starts From: $16.50

RL-MRA310 REPLACEMENT RL-MRA310 has a power supply included already. This is its genuine resi-linx spare part. 24Vdc...

Order Code : RL-MRA500

CAT5 THRU - 3.5mm INJECT In-Line style Local Input Inject Module adds an additional source to the local Zone Volume...

Order Code : RL-MRA410

Product No Longer Available.
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AMPLIFIED WITH VOLUME & REMOTE Zone area control panel for MRA310 Converts CAT5 Stereo Audio Signal Standard size wall...

Order Code : RL-MRA210

Product No Longer Available.
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4 SOURCE MATRIX SWITCH Converts Line Level Audio for transmission over CAT5 cable. Accepts inputs via 3.5mm jack or...

Order Code : RL-MRA310

Product No Longer Available.
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