Chromium bezel supplied WITHOUT an LED.Compatible with most common 5mm LEDs.Panel mounting hole is 7.8mmØ

Order Code : BCH5

Order Code : LED593WH

Single pole single through solid state switch.Trigger input 3 to 30V DC with LED indicator.

Order Code : SSR-40

COMMON CATHODE Dual High Voltage Trench MOS Barrier Schottky Rectifier

Starts From: $2.15

Chromium bezel supplied WITHOUT an LED.Compatible with most common 3mm LEDs.Remove the plastic back to insert the...

Order Code : BCH3

ORDER ONE TO RECEIVE A PACK OF TEN New adhesive silicon washers now available simplifying installation. 10 pieces per...

Starts From: $4.95

Tongue and grooved ends enabling ‘ganging’ of heatsinks together.

Starts From: $7.95

PCB PINS 1U Height. Two transistor mounting holes.

Order Code : HSK2884

Thermal resistance: 5°C/WDrilled to suit TO-3 case.

Order Code : HSK5025

Universal holes suit most transistors.

Starts From: $1.20

PCB MOUNT Suitable for flat packs up to TOP-3 size. Vertical mount. Includes 2 PCB pins

Starts From: $1.95

PCB MOUNT Includes PCB Pins for PCB Mounting.M3 mounting hole for TO-220

Starts From: $1.75

PCB MOUNT Clip hold flat packThermal Res: 15°C/WHeight off PCB 37mm

Order Code : HSK2813

PCB MOUNT Single PCB pinOverall length = 19mmThermal Res: 24°C/W

Order Code : HSK1396
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