The In-line surge protector for 25 pin D sub connection is designed to protect any serial (RS-232) port from...

Order Code : D15/DB25-25

Single RS232 Supplies with USB to DB9 serial converter and 9 pin to 25pin serial adapter

Order Code : USB232

Voltage: 3.3V or 5VPL2303HX ChipLED data TX/RX indicator4 Pins: VDD,TxD,RxD,GNDSize 55x22x11mmNo drivers required...

Order Code : CA111

DVR & PC-OUT TO TWISTED PAIR Bi-directional diversion converts RS232 to RS485 data signal transmission. No additional...

Order Code : CA903

Interface PC to Hayes Compatible modems. DB25 female to male. Recommended for general modem connections. Pins 1g 8, 20...

Order Code : CL420

D9 Female To Female. All pins wired type NULL Modem cable with Full Handshaking. RTS-CTS, etc. Suit most modern serial...

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