8 POLE Nickel metal square G-size flange, countersunk thru holes, 3/16" flat tabs. Suits NL8 speaker plugs 30A each...

Order Code : NL8MPR

Dust protection cover for most speakON and powerCON chassis connectors. It can be used, when no cable connector is...

Order Code : SCL

8 pole cable connector, latch lock, chuck type strain relief for cables 8 - 20 mm diameter, 30 A continuous per...

Order Code : NL8FC

Coloured coding rings for right angle connector of the SPX Series.

Starts From: $1.30

SUITS NL2FC Change the existing case for right angle use.

Order Code : LRX

Extremely reliable Made from high impact plastic Heavy duty 30A Enables connecting and extending speaker leads.

Order Code : NL4MXX
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