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  • This is the full comprehensive listing of the stylii available. See the Stanfield Catalogue. Available in the DOWNLOAD links below. These Stanfield made styli are replacement types to suit (unless otherwise specified). They are of premium quality as good or better than original.

    Record player needle diamond stylus to suit your turntable cartridge. Moving magnet. Ceramic tip. For 33RPM, 45RPM and 78RPM types. DJ spin vinyl on your platter radiogram phonograph. As available from Stanfield Goldring Soundring Australia.

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    Description D1155 STYLUS Conical Tracking Force:2.0g
    Models Aiwa: AN11 Audio Technica:ATN3600L, ATN3600LAX, ATN3650L, ATN3650, ATN 3601, ATN3600 , ATN91, ATN90 Akai:APB1, APM350, APM370, APM600, PXE900 AWA:S601, S802 RS82 Columbia-Denon: DSN72, DSN84 Dual:CS90, CS100, CS120, CS123, CS138, CS415, CS455, CS435-1, CS505-2, CS505-4, CS511, CS514, CS520, CS525, CS610Q DN239,DN251, DN251S, DN251E Goldstar:GCD82P, GCM-CD1, GSA5300, GSA5420, GSP208 Hitachi:DSST7 HT26, HT28, HT44L, HT55L, MD16, MD26, MD28, SDT44L, SDT55L, SDT60, SMD50 JVC:ALE1, ALE2, ALE33, DC33, GX120, GX222, GX240, JLA200, KLA200, KLE300, LA10, LA100, LA110, LAX3, LAX 11B, LFX4, LFX5, LFX210, W1, W2, W3, W5CD, W300, W400, QLA200, QLF300, QLF320, QLFX5, W33, W34 JVC: ALE1, ALE2, ALE33, DC33, GX120, GX222, GX240, JLA200, KLA200, KLE300, LA10, LA100, LA110, LAX3, LAX 11B, LFX4, LFX5, LFX210, W1, W2, W3, W5CD, W300, W400, QLA200, QLF300, QLF320, QLFX5, W33, W34 Kenwood Trio:KD38, KD39R, KD291R, KD4020, KD5010, P26, RXD25L N74 Marantz:TT42 Morse:TS725 National Panasonic Technics:P440, EPS43STSD, Nivico: DT58, DT55 Phoenix, SG152, SG235, SGD35, SGV05, SGV06 NEC:MC570, MC571 Novatech:668, HT506, HT530, HT531, MAG530, MAG725, MD200, MD500XT, N5100V Onkyo:CP1007, CP1022, CP1026A, CP1033, CP1046F, CP1057F, Disco1000, Licence 22, Licence 25, Licence 85, Licence 1000, PX55R DN61ST, DN63STE Philips:3in1, EAK1023M, EAK2006, F880, F883, S1628, S1728, S4100, S4200, TTXC1, XC2, XC3, XC2115, XC3006 D780 Pioneer:Avanti 7200, PA1, PA3, PA5, MSZ7, PDZ71, PE66A, PL202, PL210, PL222Z, PL223, PL230, PL310, PL333Z, PL335, PL340, PL466, PL530, PL540, PL550, PL555Z, PL990, PL2200, PLJ2500, PLS30, PLZ71, PLZ81, PLZ82, PLZ85, PLZ91, PLZ92, PLZ93, PLZ94, PZP1004, S1, S2, S3 PYE:JH302, MC8125, MC8133, MC8331, MC8533, MC8700, MD7, P4, P4505, P4507, P4509, PL4, PL12, TT1M PN210,PN240, PN230 Realistic/Tandy:LAB302, LAB1100 REGA:RP1 with Carbon cartridge Samsung: VIP680 PYE: ATN91 JH302, MC8125, MC8133, MC8331, MC8533, MC8700, MD7, P4, P4505, P4507, P4509, PL4, PL12, TT1M Sansui:P1000 Sanyo:DCXW8, DCXW17, DCXW18, G1400, G3230, G5230, GXT260, System220, System330, TP220, TP1400, TPC20, W8, W17, W18, W27 Sanyo: STW8J, STL5D Sharp:1620, CP1600, CP1900, GX88, N15, RP, RP302, RP307, RP320, SC6900, SGF650, System, System160, System304, System320, System650, System 2526 Sherwood:IM2893CD, SS1004, SS1020, PD411, PD608, PD701, PD702, PD724, PD728, PD801, PD913, PD7018, PD7028, ST870, ST101, ST1018, ST1028, ST1620, PM9805 Silver:SL500, SL550 Sony:Comp19,Comp25, Comp26, Comp28, Comp40, Comp48, Comp49, Comp58, Comp69, Comp74, Comp75, Comp76,Comp87, Comp100, Comp110, Comp510, Comp610, Comp710. EXD550W, LBTV701, PS150, PS155, PS200, PS311, PS320, PSD705, PSLX33, PSLX35, PSLX35P, PSLX50, PSLX40, PSLX43P, PSLX45, PSLX47P, PSLX50, PSLX52Y, PSLX60, PSLX62, PSLX66, PSLX70, PSLX100, PSLX155, PSLX200, PSLX220, PSLX231, PSLX235, PSLX250, PSLX285, PSLX295, PSLX300, PSLX311, PSLX310, PSLX320, PSLX340, PSLX431, PSLX700, PSV901, System 28, XOD1, XOD5, XOD8, XOD201, XOD301, XOD501, XOD550, Z2000, Z3000, Z5000 Sony: ND142G,PSLX250H, Sharp: STY163, STY138, STY140, STY141 TEAC:CG7700, CSP208, CSP308, CSP3500, JC75, N595, N707, P190, P305, P440, P707, P708, P988, PS708, PS900, SS700, SS800 Toshiba:SRV9, SRV12 N16D Trakton:TRD195 Voxon:D0170A, DJ0170A, TT1010, VH5, VH10 Yamaha:P05, P06, P07, P17, P25, P27, P700, P720, P1520, PF30, TT17, TT25, TT250, TT300, TT320, TT330, TT400, TT520, TT700 N7700, N7900
    Suits Cartridge Aiwa:E770, PXE451, PXE45, PXE55, PXE75, PXE77, PXE88, PXE333, PXE550, PXE750, PXE770, PXE850, PXE855, V770, X33, X55, X78 Audio Technica:AT90, AT91, AT94E, AT2001, AT2002, AT2003, AT2004, AT2005, AT2006, AT3600, AT3650, AT3601, AT3651, AT3651, AT3652E Philips:GP780 Pioneer:PC210, PC230, PC240 REGA:Carbon Sony:VL42G Yamaha: CG7700
    Tracking Force 2.0g
    Replaces Aiwa:AN11 Akai:RS82 Audio Technica:ATN3650, ATN 3601, ATN3600 , ATN91, ATN90 AWA:ATN3601 Columbia-Denon:DSN72 Dual:DN239, DN251, DN251S, DN251E Goldstar:ATN91 Hitachi:DSST7 JVC Nivico:DT58, DT55 Kenwood Trio:N74 Marantz:CT42 Morse:TS725 National-Panasonic-Technics:EPS43STSD,NEC:MC570, MC571 Novatech:HT506, HT530, HT531 Onkyo:DN61STPhilips:D780 Pioneer:PN210,PN240, PN230 PYE:ATN91 Samsung:VIP680 Sansui:SN Sanyo:STW8J, STL5D Sharp:STY163, STY138, STY140, STY141 Sherwood:PD608, PD913, PD411, PD801, PD701, PD702, PD724, PD728, PD7018, PD7028, PM9805 Silver:SL500, SL550 Sony:ND142G TEAC:JC75, P190, P505 Toshiba:N16D Trakton:TRD195 Voxon:VH5, VH10 Yamaha:N7700
    Stylus Cartridge Audio Technica AT90 Philips Pioneer Sony
    Tip Conical
    OEM D975SR
    Popularity High
    Price Code I
    Stylus MARANTZ CTN153, NATIONAL EPS24CS, 30CS, 33CS.
    Soundring SOUNDRING D975SR Round Stylus
    Type Variable Magnet

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