Order Code : 01DV307

Order Code : BUTRIF

NO PACKAGING - LOCAL PICKUP ONLY Built-in LTE Low-pass Filter. Bifurcated rivets.Powder coated frame with aluminium...

Order Code : UW16

4 ARRAY Excellent ghost rejection high gain for fringe area reception of UHF 4 & 5. CH28 - CH69. Forward-back 25dB...

Starts From: $99.00

The DDA652LP antenna is designed specifically to receive VHF channels 6 to 12 and UHF Channels 28-52. It comes with...

Order Code : DDA652LP

DIGITAL TV ANTENNA The DDA612LP antenna is designed specifically for areas in which Digital TV reception in the VHF...

Order Code : DDA612LP

DIGITAL TV ANTENNA The DDA2852LP antenna is designed specifically for areas in which digital TV reception in the range...

Order Code : DDA2852LP

Terza 6HD is characterised by an excellent gain, ease of installation and transport thanks to the elements folding. ...

Order Code : TERZA6HD

CH28 - CH69 Designed for fringe area reception where a Kookaburra may land on your antenna. Excellent ghost rejection...

Order Code : AKPA2

COMPACT VERSION The compact Log Periodics antenna comes with similar performance to the LP345F but in a smaller size....

Order Code : LP345MF

Fracarro. Excellence in pre-assembled aerials.Highly reliable materials and construction.“F” Connection is protected...

Order Code : LP45F

WIDE BANDWIDTH CH6 TO CH69 Fracarro. Italian made Log-periodic antenna.Highly directional with low return losses.

Starts From: $59.00

LOG PERIODIC ANTENNA WITH INCREASED DIRECTIVITY VHF/UHF Digital & Analogue reception.Mounts both horizontally and...

Starts From: $49.95
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