TRIODE-PENTODE NOS TUBE Substitute for McIntosh MR-67, MX110 and other tuners and preamps that accept 6JW8, 6U8, ECF82...

Order Code : PCF802

ELECTRO-HARMONIX BEST KT88 A new geometry is utilised to reduce odd order harmonics for a sweet top end while the peak...

Order Code : KT88EH

THE MOST POWERFUL AUDIO POWER TUBE IN PRODUCTION TODAY The KT120 is a beam pentode power amplifier with a 60W plate...

Order Code : KT120-PR

Re-issue upgrade with higher gain, headroom and drive, less noise, less microphonics, not as harsh as a GT or too...

Order Code : 12AX7-TUN

The Re-issue Mullard adds virtually no tone colouring and is smoother sounding with very flat response. Ideal home...

Order Code : 12AX7-MUL

This tube has all the tonal qualities of the JJ EL34 but it has an extended low end response and is a little punchier...

Order Code : E34L-JJ

A very open sounding tube with a little less bass response but with crisper highs than the JJ E34L. It is electrically...

Order Code : EL34-JJ

This top quality re-issue tube has triple getters for a smooth extended high end, slightly warm midrange with great...

Starts From: $139.00

New production built to withstand higher plate voltages and deliver smooth overdrive and a very musical tone. Rugged...

Starts From: $105.00

GUITAR AMP POWER PENTODE A higher impedance EL34 tube design with increased touch responsiveness and a unique clipping...

Starts From: $49.95

PLATINUM MATCHED PAIR/QUADS New Sensor’s re-issue of the famous Mullard EL34 has been considerably smoothed. The...

Starts From: $99.00

TWIN-REVERB REPLACEMENT Four counter wound and coupled springs deliver superior mechanical performance and the classic...

Order Code : RV4AB

DELUXE REVERB REPLACEMENT Six counter wound springs, coupled and placed in parallel. Unique combination to enhance...

Order Code : RV9AB

COMPACT SIZE Small in size, this three spring reverb approaches the rich textural quality. No locking device

Order Code : RV8EB

Suit BJ102, BJ103, BJ104, BJ105

Order Code : BJ-NUT1

DPDT FOOTSWITCH Used in many effects and switching units. 250Vac 1A (125Vac 3A). Fits Ø11.8mm hole.

Order Code : SWP316

STEREO DOUBLE OPEN CIRCUIT 1/4" female. Stereo double open circuit. Can be used for effect pedal input.

Order Code : SCJ12B

SHORTING TYPE 1/4” female. Shorting type.Fender® type replacement.

Order Code : SCJ12A
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