2 pole 1/4" professional phone plug, gold plated contacts, red rubber overlay, silent switch. The silentPLUG...

Order Code : NP2X-AU-S

MATCHED PAIR Sovtek 2A3 is one of the best values in direct heated triodes today. Compares very favorably to NOS 2A3...

Order Code : 2A3SOVPL

SINGLE TUBE The Sovtek 2A3 is a great alternative to the expensive NOS 2A3 tubes. Used by many triode enthusiasts...

Order Code : 2A3

DELUXE REVERB REPLACEMENT Six counter wound springs, coupled and placed in parallel. Unique combination to enhance...

Order Code : RV9AB2C1D

COMPACT SIZE Small in size, this three spring reverb approaches the rich textural quality. No locking device

Order Code : RV8DB2

TRIODE-PENTODE NOS TUBE Substitute for McIntosh MR-67, MX110 and other tuners and preamps that accept 6JW8, 6U8, ECF82...

Order Code : PCF802
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