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  • All VCR Heads are of OEM quality. Please be careful when replacing the heads, as physically damaged items are not covered under warranty. For a head not listed here, please enquire as there may be substitutes available. VH=Upper Drum Only VHD=Upper & Lower Drum with Motor.
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    VH50 - VH50 BVV1004A280A

    Bulk Buy: $46.97 for 10 or more


    Order Code: VH50
    Availability : Limited Stock - Please Call
    Order Code VH50
    Replaces AKAI BV-V1004A280A
    Equiv. BV-V1022A170A
    Models AKAIVS2, AKAIVS3, VP7100, VT55, VT77

    VH57 - VH57 BVV1015A120A HEAD


    Order Code: VH57
    Availability : In Stock
    Order Code VH57
    Replaces AKAI BV-V1015A120A
    Models AKAIVS6, VS8

    VH53 - VH53 BV-V1017A170A AKAI


    Order Code: VH53
    Availability : In Stock
    Order Code VH53
    Replaces AKAI BV-V1017A170A
    Models AKAIVS4

    VH55 - VH55 HEAD BV-V1030A220D


    Order Code: VH55
    Availability : Limited Stock - Please Call
    Order Code VH55
    Replaces AKAI BV-V1030A220D
    Models VS105, VS112, VS115, VS116, VS125, VS126, VS201, VS202, VS220, VS240, VS301, VS303, VS304

    VH270 - VH270 VIDEO HEAD