CLIPSAL® COMPATIBLE Blank wall plate future expansion or customisation. Hole punch markers.10mm Thick is standard8mm...

Starts From: $2.25

None of the above suitable. You could make your own.

Order Code : WBP10

3 unit height for either 2x 1½" SIMs or 3x 1" SIMs or say a 1½" & 1" SIMs with a ½" blanking plate.Enables many...

Order Code : CWP200

3 unit height for either 2x 1½” SIMs or 3x 1” SIMs or say a 1½” & 1” SIMs with a ½” blanking plate. Enables many...

Order Code : CWP200

Fill-In blank spaces or use for future system expandability

Starts From: $1.43

Fill-In blank spaces or use for future system expandability

Starts From: $1.43

CLIPSAL® COMPATIBLE INSERTS x2 This recessed power box is specifically designed for organising the wiring from the...

Order Code : AV-RPS02

CLIPSAL© INSERT COMPATIBLE WITH 2 BLANK INSERTS Push through cable management solution for computer networks, home...

Order Code : WP62

Blank off a spare wall plate hole for future expansion.

Order Code : WPI00

CLIPSAL® COMPATIBLE VGA Socket plus 4 blank sockets for customisation. Includes blanking caps.

Order Code : WPI401

Blank empty receptacle.

Order Code : WPI201

Blank plate Pro2 Blank plate for the Pro2 wall plate.White colourPanel Size: 47x24x11mm

Order Code : MWI13BL

Blank plate UNIVERSAL PLATE AND INSERTS TO SUIT Pro2 understand that each job is different and each setup is unique. So...

Order Code : MWI13BL

RED & BLACK PAIR Gold plated speaker terminals for bare wire connection or 4mm Banana plugs. Screw terminals.

Order Code : WPI40

For blanking off empty unused holes or for custom fitting connectors

Order Code : WPI200
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