CONNECTS MULTIPLE USB DEVICES TO PC/LAPTOP 7 ports USB 2.0 hub for connecting multiple devices to a computer or...

Order Code : USB225

18W MAX (1.5A) The PowerShield DC Mini is designed to provide emergency power backup to all kinds of DC powered...

Order Code : PSMINI1218

AC PLUG TO 2x AC SOCKETS Power 2 AC devices from a single Mains outlets.

Order Code : ACL221

AC PLUGS TO 3x IEC C13 SOCKETS Power up to three IEC C13 power outlets from a single Mains plug.

Order Code : ACL603-2

IEC C14 to IEC C5 power cord

Starts From: $7.85

The Eaton 5E line interactive uninterruptible power system (UPS) provides affordable power protection for your personal...

Order Code : 5E850IUSB-AU

The Amplon RT 1-3kVA series is an online double-conversion UPS providing consistent sine-wave power to your critical...

Starts From: $1199.00

The Amplon M Series UPS is a single-phase line interactive UPS that provides sine-wave quality, flexibility and high...

Starts From: $877.00

The Amplon N series is a true on-line, double-conversion UPS housed in a compact tower. It is designed to eliminate...

Starts From: $858.00

The VX series line-interactive UPS designed with microprocessor control offers reliable and cost-effective power...

Starts From: $109.00

BUILT-IN THERMAL CIRCUIT BREAKER 1RU height, 19” horizontal mount rack mount with 10A SAA outlets. Illuminated master...

Starts From: $40.76

ALL METAL CASING WITH ILLUMINATED MASTER SWITCH 1RU height, 19” horizontal mount rack mount with 6x or 8x 10A SAA...

Starts From: $39.95

60W 5x2.4A or 10x1.0A USB charger with 5x faster USB charging ports and 5x regular USB charging ports. Includes AC...

Starts From: $59.95

Split a standard Molex 4 pin power connector into two SATA power connectors. PC to 2x HDD0.5M.

Order Code : CA311

1 WAY C19 + 4 WAY C13 + 12 WAY GPO Longer vertical mount power strips with 1x C19, 4x C13 and 12x GPO outlets. 2 metre...

Order Code : PDV1700

DOUBLE-CONVERSION TYPE - SEPARATE BATTERY BANK REQUIRED As a True Online Double-conversion UPS, the UPS takes the AC...

Starts From: $1199.00
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