Wagner Electronics Catalogue

Phone: 02-9798-9233 Fax: 02-9798-0017 AV TV SAT Install 01-150 TERRESTRIAL & SATELLITE TV METER - SATKING VIEW TECHNICAL READOUTS & LIVE PREVIEW 4.3” The SatKing SK-9000B is a High Definition combination meter for both terrestrial and satellite TV setup. The meter has all main technical readouts as well as MER. MER is required by the Australian government. This meter will display all digital channels and it will also display live colour picture and sound just like a compact TV. The unit is also suitable for CCTV alignment as it has analogue AV input (composite cable supplied). 12v power output to power your camera. • 4.3" colour LCD screen • Built in speaker • High Definition • MPEG2/4 Compliant • MER,BER,C/N,dB Microvolts • 3000mAH Lithium ION battery • HDMI output • AV Input for aligning security cameras • AV output • 12V Power output for power CCTV cameras (there is a limit to the current output) • Can be used as a compact TV if you add a TV Antenna • Antenna power for powering mast head Amps • Backlit menu buttons • Built in torch • Multimedia functions via the built in USB port Code SK-9000B TERRESTRIAL TV SIGNAL METER WITH LCD The SQT783 is high definition terrestrial TV signal meter specially designed for TV installer. It provides spectrum display of signals, constellation diagram displays signals in an XY-plane scatter diagram. It also includes MER/BER signal readings and magnetic compass for identifying direction. Compatible with DVB-T2 and DVB-T. It can read weak and strong TV signals and provide instant signal changes update. It features an easy to use, compact handheld shape, and an useful Backlit LED keypad for use in dark corners. Full Australian Channel plan pre-programmed. Portable and includes a built-in 1800mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. • Colour LCD Display • Soft cover protects against drop damage • Pre-programmed with Australian Channels • Internal high energy Li-ion battery 1800mAh • High sensitivity assists searching for weak DTV signals • Comprehensive digital TV measurements including level, MER & BER Code SQT783 DVB-T TERRESTRIAL METER - LABGEAR ADVANCED PROFESSIONAL HAND-HELD PORTABLE METER Optimise test and measurement of complete Digital television reception systems. Useful in the field or workshop, from antenna alignment through MATV systems to broadcast. Includes tools PC Software for exemplary graphical and operational functions. • Modulation Error Ratio & Noise Margin • BIT Error Ratio (BER) after Viterbi corrector • Damaged packet count, after Reed-Solomon • Constellation diagram signal evaluation tool • Lock signal sync - status service found • Digital channel signal level in channel power • Vision to audio and carrier to noise ratios • Data logging extensive PC functionality • Li-Ion battery up to 3 hrs • Only weighs 500g Code DAT103 HD TERRESTRIAL TELEVISION METER - SATKING • MPEG4 & MPEG2 Tuner • DVB-T & T2 Compliant • View Live HD TV with Sound • HDMI Input & Output • AV Input & Output • Includes 12V Power for CCTV • 3.5" High Resolution LCD Screen • MER, C/N & BER Display • Spectrum Analyser • 12V, 18V or 24V DC output voltage to power masthead amplifiers • Multi Signal Level Display Mode • Australian Frequencies Pre-Loaded • Electronic Program Guide • Inbuilt LED Night Light Code SK2500B VIEW TECHNICAL READOUTS & LIVE PREVIEW 3.5” • USB for Media Playback & Software Upgrade • DVB-C Tuner Function • 3000mAh Lithium Ion Battery • Includes Meter, 12V Cable, 1x Battery 3000mAh, 1x 240V -- 12V DC Power Pack, Strap, AV Cable and rubber protection case