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Web: www.wagneronline.com.au Email: sales@wagner.net.au Cables &Connectors † † HDMI Cables 4K 60Hz UHD HDMI PREMIUM CERTIFIED CABLES - PROLINK HDMI V2.0 HIGH BANDWIDTH 4K 60Hz HDR 18GBPS Prolink Premium HDMI cables are designed to meet the high bandwidth demands of the latest HDMI V2.0b specification supporting the full 18Gbps bandwidth. High quality materials & construction ensures ultimate performance and High reliability for 4K/60HZ HDR content. Tested and certified by the HDMI Labs Authorised test centre, this ensures that these cables support all the latest features in the HDMI V2.0b specification 4K 60Hz UHD HDMI CABLES EXTENDED - PROLINK HDMI V2.0 HIGH BANDWIDTH 4K 60Hz HDR 18GBPS - DIRECTIONAL Prolink Active directional HDMI cables designed for high bandwidth 18Gbps throughput of 4K/60Hz HDR content over long distances. Advanced signal processing with in-cable equalisation technology ensures that maximum signal integrity is maintained for ultimate performance, stability and reliability over long distances without the need of any external power supplies. Length Resolution Bandwidth Code 0.5M 4K@60 18Gbps PHC101-0050 1.0M 4K@60 18Gbps PHC101-0100 1.5M 4K@60 18Gbps PHC101-0150 2M 4K@60 18Gbps PHC101-0200 3M 4K@60 18Gbps PHC101-0300 5M 4K@60 18Gbps PHC101-0500 7.5M 4K@60 18Gbps PHC101-0750 10M 4K@60 18Gbps PHC101-1000 Length Resolution Bandwidth Code 12.5M 4K@60 18Gbps PHC102-1250 15M 4K@60 18Gbps PHC102-1500 20M 4K@60 18Gbps PHC102-2000 4K 60Hz HDMI ULTRA SLIM CABLES - PROLINK 5MM FLEXIBLE CABLE WITH NEW GRIP CONNECTOR • Full 4K 60Hz 4.4.4 18Gbps • Flexible install jacket only 5mmØ • 0.5m to 3.0m with 32AWG all copper • 5.0m with 30AWG all copper • Gold plated grip connector Length Resolution Bandwidth Code 0.5M 4K@60 18Gbps CL2101-05 0.75M 4K@60 18Gbps CL2101-075 1M 4K@60 18Gbps CL2101-1 1.5M 4K@60 18Gbps CL2101-1.5 2M 4K@60 18Gbps CL2101-2 2.5M 4K@60 18Gbps CL2101-2.5 3M 4K@60 18Gbps CL2101-3 5M 4K@60 18Gbps CL2101-5 5mm ULTRA-SLIM • Full 18Gbps 4K60(4:4:4) bandwidth certified • UltraHD 4K@60 2160p and other VESA Resolutions • Support for the wide angle theatrical 21:9 aspect ratio • Certified Premium HDMI ensures 4K/UltraHD ready • ARC (Audio Return Channel) • Low Latency • HDMI 2.0b, HDCP 2.2, 3D Signals • HDR - High Dynamic Range video • Dolby® Vision • Dolby® True HD, DTS-HD Master Audio and up to 32 audio channels for a multi-dimensional immersive audio experience High-speed HDMI cable securely connects HDMI-enabled devices. The gripping connectors help ensure components stay firmly attached to avoid viewing interruptions. Ultra-Slim cable allows extra flexibility and less tangles. Certified by HDMI Testing Labs 4K ULTRA-HD 18 Gbps BANDWIDTH 02-3